Preparing and Protecting Your Property this Winter

When cold weather arrives in our area, you can assure that your home or business and everything in it is safe when you install a low-temperature monitoring system. Installing a temperature monitoring system can help give you peace of mind … Continue reading

Are You Working with a Trustworthy Technician?

  Your property will have the added protection of your alarm system, but what other security issues should be of concern? One possible vulnerability might be the people you allow into your property. What about the technician who shows up … Continue reading

Home Security: Doorbell Cameras

Skybell Video Doorbell

What is a doorbell camera?   Doorbell cameras are a relatively recent feature developed for home security systems. They provide a new level of protection at the front door for homeowners and residents which has never been available before. A … Continue reading

Area of Refuge and the Requirements

ADS Area of Refuge Monitoring

What is an Area of Refuge? An area of refuge is a designated location within a building specially designed to hold people safely during an emergency. The area of refuge is set aside for situations when evacuation may not be … Continue reading

Wireless or Hardwired Alarm Systems?

Wireless Home Security

For homeowners or businesses in need of electronic security, there are exciting new options in the market today. It is easier than ever to customize a security system for your specific needs. There are differences and distinct advantages between hardwired … Continue reading

Protecting Pets and Home While You’re Away

Protecting Pets and Home While You're Away

In this post, we discuss how our pet-friendly alarm system does more than protect your property, it safeguards everyone at home — including pets. Motion detectors exchange information to several devices around the house. These devices have an infrared sensor … Continue reading

Protecting Your Inventory with IP Security Cameras

Outdoor Camera

Crime is a function of opportunity. Cars, metal, building materials, tools, and other equipment are tantalizing targets for thieves. Aside from perimeter fencing to limit access, security guards, and adequate lighting, cameras can increase the protection of your business. In … Continue reading

Access to Your Facility – Ex-Employees & Their Keys

Lost or stolen keys from employee

  Many business owners have dealt with the situation of an ex-employee who still has keys to their facility after they no longer work for the company. When an employee refuses or will not return keys, you can find yourself … Continue reading

Which Security Camera Fits Your Business?

Security Camera Types

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from improved security. Protecting your employees, equipment, property, and customers are all significant benefits to a surveillance camera system. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4,836 fatal work injuries occurred during 2015. … Continue reading

Preventing False Alarms

False Alarms

False Alarms resulting in a police or fire department dispatch can cost you big bucks. Such events also take first responders away from actual emergencies. Follow these 10 tips to save: Time, Money and Frustration. Train all users that have … Continue reading