COVID-19 Updates

To our valued customers,

Business operations at Alarm Detection Systems continue based upon the guidelines of the current shelter-in-place order in effect for the State of Illinois. Emergency onsite service and alarm account monitoring from our command center remains active.

During the current changing COVID-19 situation, our commitment to providing exceptional monitoring services will not change. Our operators continue to process and respond to signals as normal. Several response agencies, from law enforcement to emergency services, have instituted Emergency Operations Plans that may adjust their typical response. These plans are put into place by the individual agency and can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In the event our operators are advised that an agency will not respond, they will continue the notification process to provide that information to the listed contacts.

During this time if you need to make adjustments to your current actions or schedules, please contact our departments at:


Customer Service: 630.844.6300

Service Department: 630.844.6314

Customer Care: 630-844-5300

Sales: 630.844.6322

Locksmith: 630.844.6330

Billing: 630.844.6306


Jacqueline Brogan
Central Station Manager