Honeywell Total Connect 2.0


Manage your home security or business alarm with one app. Total Connect 2.0, or TC 2.0 for short, works with your PC, tablet, or phone. With it, you can control alarm systems across multiple locations.

Total Connect for Business

You can also arm/disarm your system, check on camera status, or review events remotely.
Keeping track of employees entering or leaving the building is an ideal business security use for Total Connect.

Total Comfort for the Home

Turn your house into a smart home. By using Internet-connected lights, thermostats, and locks, you can manage your devices through Z-Wave. By running automated schedules for lights and temperature, you will likely save on energy. With Total Connect 2.0, all of this is possible. You also have the peace of mind that comes with being connected to your home security wherever you go.

  • Receive real-time alerts
  • Control your lights, security, and thermostat
  • Save on energy bills

Easily Add TC 2.0 to Your Alarm Detection Systems Security

A smart, secure property starts with the alarm system itself. Your ADS Security Expert can assist with picking the right solutions to protect your home or business. You request an all-in-one quote for devices, monitoring, and Total Connect services.

Already have an alarm system? The TC 2.0 app is readily available from the App Store or Google Play. Additionally, below are some useful links to connect your security devices to Total Connect 2.0.