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Banks and credit unions have always been tempting targets for criminals. In 2021, hundreds of bank robberies occurred throughout the United States. Banks and credit unions in Illinois and Colorado were hit especially hard. According to the FBI, there were 75 bank robberies in Illinois and 191 in Colorado. Some of the institutions robbed had bank security alarm systems installed, but in many cases, the alarms failed to function. In one bank extortion case, the bank maintained no security devices at all. 

Having security systems in place is a good way to deter attacks, but as the above examples show, simply having a few alarms isn’t enough. Bank security systems need to be top-notch, and they need to be installed in the right locations. Financial institutions must have a thorough knowledge of common threats and the security systems used in banks. 

Other Risks to Banks and Credit Unions


Bank robberies and ATM theft attempts remain a principal concern for banks and credit unions.

Social Engineering

Another vulnerability is the emergence of social engineering. These are cases in which bad actors disguise themselves as individuals of authority while attempting to gain access to restricted areas.


Check fraud is any effort to obtain money illegally using paper or digital checks. ATM fraud scam involves stealing passwords, card numbers, account details, and other sensitive information.

Prevent Theft and Unauthorized Access

Preventing Threats to Banks and Credit Unions

Preventing security breaches requires understanding how those breaches occur in the first place. One strategy many criminals use is social engineering, in which criminals pose as customers, authority figures, or other trustworthy people to gain access to restricted areas. They take advantage of bank employees’ desire to provide good customer service. Often, social engineering is the first step in a more complex plan. Once the criminal has persuaded an employee to take them to a bank vault or other target, they drop the facade.

Access control and biometrics systems prevent the robber from completing their plan. Biometrics and other types of advanced authentication use unique personal identifiers to secure areas. Examples are screens that require fingerprint and face recognition technology. These systems can detect when a person is not who they seem to be. If a criminal claims to be an important manager but the computer system doesn’t recognize their fingerprint, the employee will know to raise the alarm.

Fraud is a less sophisticated but just as dangerous bank robbery strategy. For instance, a criminal might submit a fraudulent check to a bank or use an ATM to steal information from customers. Cybercriminals have been known to hack into ATMs in order to collect passwords and PINs. This is why all banks should utilize bank security camera systems. When facilities are well-monitored, security guards have enough time to notice suspicious behavior and respond. A camera might not stop a criminal from committing fraud, but it will enable investigators to identify and catch the perpetrator.

Best Physical Security Measures for Banks

Physical security systems are designed to prevent physical threats such as intimidation of employees or sabotage of equipment. Locks, cameras, and alarms are all examples of physical security devices. Physical security measures continually evolve to keep pace with evolving attacks, which is why businesses should regularly upgrade their devices.

Alarms and Panic Buttons

Alarms should be installed throughout the building so that they can be audible to everyone present. Alarms should be maintained regularly. An alarm doesn’t do any good if it’s no longer functional. In addition to traditional alarms, silent alarms should be discreetly installed. When activated, a silent alarm sends a message to local authorities but does not make an audible noise. The major benefit of this type of alarm is that it can activate without criminals being aware that they have triggered the alarm. Law enforcement can be at the scene of the crime before the attackers realize they have been detected.

Panic buttons are another useful security tool. Like a silent alarm, a panic button summons a designated authority to deal with potential threats. Panic buttons are designed for discreet usage. An employee should be able to press a panic button without drawing the attention of bank robbers. Some panic buttons are incorporated into other objects to make them even more inconspicuous. For example, pendant alarms can be worn like lanyards by employees, allowing them to call for help no matter where they are.


Like alarms, cameras should be installed in multiple locations for maximum effectiveness. Bank vault security systems should include cameras pointed toward the vaults to record anyone attempting to access them. Other critical camera locations include ATMs, entrances and exits, walk-up and drive-up areas, teller desks, lobbies, and adjoining parking lots. With enough high-quality cameras in the right places, you can record license plates and other information that will enable authorities to identify criminal suspects.

Retail Security Detection Systems

Compliance Standards

Banks and credit unions have unique security requirements, with governing bodies putting forth guidelines. Alarm Detection has the expertise to protect your branch, including teller windows, drive-thru, and ATMs. All while adhering to the professional standards recommended for your specific industry.

For Banks
Bank Protection Act of 1968 (12 USC 1882)

For Credit Unions
Code of Federal Regulations for credit unions Part 748 

PCI Compliance
Any physical access to cardholder data or systems that store, process, or transmit cardholder data provides the opportunity for individuals to access and remove systems or hardcopies containing cardholder data; therefore, physical access should be appropriately restricted.

Purchasing Security Systems for Banks and Credit Unions

Alarm Detection Systems is an excellent place to purchase the best security system for banks at an affordable price. We offer video surveillance, electronic access control systems, and even fire alarms. We are trusted to provide security systems used in banks all over the country. Get a quote or contact us to schedule security services today.

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