Frequently Asked Questions

Home Alarms

Can I choose when ADS contacts me about non-emergency matters, such as a low-battery in the alarm panel?
Yes. You can instruct our monitoring center to contact you at the times and phone numbers that work for you. Our award-winning central station gives you the flexibility to manage non-emergency communications.
Can I get a discount on my homeowner’s insurance policy if I have a monitored alarm system?
Yes. The discount is determined by your insurance company. It can be as much as 20%. If you are a current ADS customer seeking confirmation of insurance to give to your provider, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.
Can I manage my security system from my mobile device?
Yes. With newer systems, you can remotely arm/disarm your alarm with the tap of a finger. You can also receive real-time alerts to your mobile device in the form of video, text message, and email.
Can you service and monitor my existing alarm system from another company?
Yes. We can service and monitor most major systems, including alarm equipment installed by other vendors.
I plan on moving, how do I handle the transition?
Contact Us and provide your password with the date you are moving. If it is in our service area, we would be glad to monitor your new location. If for any reason you wish your service to be cancelled, 30 days advance notice is required.
Is your monitoring service local?
Yes. All accounts are monitored 24-hours a day, seven days a week from our UL Listed/FM Approved, central monitoring station in Aurora, Illinois.
What if I accidentally set off my alarm system?
Don’t panic. Our first step with a burglar alarm is to contact you before calling the police. You will be asked to provide a unique security password which will help prevent unwanted dispatches. You can always call the central monitoring station at 630.844.6302 to let us know that the situation is a false alarm and to get assistance.
What if I don’t have a phone line at home?
No problem. We offer radio service to monitor your security system. It offers the same reliability as a phone line monitored system at a comparable cost.

Business Security

Can I pay for my monitoring service Online?

Yes. With MyADS, billing is simple and automatic. Sign up here

Can I protect my business if the phone line is cut?
Yes. Alarm monitoring using a radio transmitter as a primary or backup device ensures the system continues to send a signal in the event of land-line failure due to weather, tampering, or any other kind of failure.
Do you offer service and repair options on security and fire systems?
Yes. Alarm Detection Systems offers a comprehensive service and repair plan covering parts and labor charges for most major systems. If something goes wrong on a weekend or holiday, we are there to fix the problem when you need us.
How long have you been in business?
Alarm Detection Systems was founded in 1968.
I do not want to respond to burglar alarms at my company, especially late at night. Is there another option?
Yes. ADS Runner Services are available at a minimal cost to our local customers. When there is a burglar alarm, we send a trained employee to your property to make sure everything is okay, reset your alarm, and unlock the doors for the police.
Why are periodic fire safety system inspections so important?
Your fire alarm system will only operate properly if it is well maintained and tested on a regular basis. Annual testing is required to meet the standards of the National Fire Alarm Code as well as many local authorities. We can be the one-stop resource for these tests and limit interruptions to your business.

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