Safeguarding Healthcare Facilities With Integrated Security Systems

Care centers, medical offices, and hospital security are crucial for the safety of all patients and staff for maintaining safe and comfortable practices. When it comes to healthcare, you never know when an emergency will arise. Having a dependable healthcare security system ensures you and all staff are prepared for the worst and receive as much notice as possible when emergencies occur.

At Alarm Detection Systems Inc. (ADS), we prioritize healthcare security to limit theft, keep intruders out, initiate better safety practices, and help you find the right solutions for your patients. With over 50 years of experience and 24-hour surveillance, we help you protect lives, property, and patient comfort.

We’re Trained to Monitor the Health Industry

Dependable Protection for Medical Campuses

Setting up dependable care center security systems can be incredibly complicated, especially when working in an emergency environment. Healthcare facilities have the difficult task of ensuring the best health, safety, and security practices for their patients while also maintaining a comfortable environment where people can heal.

ADS is dedicated to ensuring safety and security at your facilities. Our goal is to take as much of the work off your shoulders as possible so you can keep your focus on patient care. Our thorough business security systems help you keep an eye on all entry points, block unauthorized access, and manage foot traffic during emergencies.

Prevent Theft and Unauthorized Access

Potential Threats to Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities face potential threats from staff, patients, and outsiders. For best practices, it’s crucial to have both thorough healthcare security and a well-communicated plan for when emergencies do arise. ADS is here to help at almost every step.


Theft is a growing concern at many healthcare facilities and can be committed by patients, visitors, or even healthcare staff. Medical supplies, food, and particularly drugs are some of the most common thefts on campuses. These thefts add up financially and can land your facility in serious legal trouble if left unchecked.

The theft of drugs specifically can lead to drug diversion, which is the illegal distribution or abusive use of prescription drugs. The United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) warns that medical professionals may be involved in stealing and diverting drugs for themselves or to sell to others. The most commonly diverted drugs include anabolic steroids, depressants, opioids, hallucinogens, and other stimulants.

Comprehensive security also helps protect important documents and patient information, many of which are confidential due to HIPAA. Ensuring all confidential information is reliably secured is important both for your patients’ privacy and potentially for your facility’s accreditation.

Abuse and Battery

In 2013, 80% of reported violent incidents in healthcare settings were started by the patient with healthcare staff being the most at-risk. Countless more patient-incited violent incidents are believed to go unreported every year. These were usually incidents of the patient hitting, shoving, kicking, or otherwise laying their hands on medical staff.

Having a dependable healthcare security system helps identify potentially dangerous or violent situations as they happen. Video surveillance and recordings also help staff go over a violent incident after the fact to determine the best course of action to take against the offender and find a better conflict-resolution strategy for the future.


Workplace Violence

Healthcare workplace violence, unfortunately, extends beyond abuse and battery from patients. Incidents of violence can be caused by patient visitors, coworkers, students, vendors, and more, which is why it’s crucial to have thorough security, particularly at all exits and entrances.

Active shooters are another threat of violence to be aware of and prepared for. Having thorough surveillance of entrances helps prevent a shooter, but it’s crucial to have a thorough emergency plan in place before the emergency arises. This includes having comprehensive communication among healthcare staff, ensuring a plan to get patients and visitors to safety, and knowing what limitations some patients may have due to age, injury, illness, or current procedures.

Care Center Security

Comprehensive Security and Prevention

Comprehensive healthcare security takes more than having a few cameras and an emergency plan in place. Instead, you must ensure your care center security is layered, infallible, and includes the following factors.

Video Surveillance

ADS is actively staying ahead of video analytics to give your surveillance as many capabilities as possible. While general video surveillance is treated as a “reactive” form of security, video surveillance with ADS can communicate about concerning incidents as they occur. For example, if someone enters a restricted part of the facility after-hours, ADS’s system will immediately notify our surveillance team, who will be able to monitor the situation.

Access Control

ADS’s access control connects to multiple systems within healthcare facilities, including entrances, interior doorways, and alarm systems. Comprehensive access control enables safe and controlled flows of traffic within your facility. It can also give security a firm way to keep intruders and unwanted visitors out of important areas such as operating rooms, patients’ rooms, and storage closets.

Mass Notification

Having a method for mass notification is essential for healthcare security. More extensive facilities like hospitals, in particular, need a solid flow of communication so staff on different floors or in different buildings can be aware of major emergencies as they happen.

While smaller care facilities are probably safe sticking to basic notification systems, many hospitals have upgraded to mass notification channels and building-wide alarm systems. ADS determines the best security options for your facility and helps identify if you need better medical office alarms or an easier flow of communication.

Care Center Security

Why Partner With Alarm Detection Systems?

At Alarm Detection Systems, we specialize in countless types of industries, facilities, and campuses. For over half a century, we’ve provided premier, end-to-end security services for offices, care centers, hospitals, and more. Our hospital security systems are particularly useful for maintaining medical office security while also prioritizing emergencies when they arrive.

Our complete electronic security and fire safety services include:

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