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5The best Security Company in Illinois

This category covers Security Articles No Category. First, Alarm Detection Systems, Inc. (ADS) is a local business that treats its customers like family. Second, we assure them that their homes and businesses are always safe. Therefore, customers can rest easy, knowing that a security system is in place. ADS offers expert electronic security and fire safety services to businesses and homes. ADS serves 35,000 accounts throughout Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Colorado. As a result, they have the expertise to address all kinds of security needs.

50 Years of Business in Chicago

In business since 1968, ADS offers round the clock, home security monitoring, and security responses for burglary, fire, and other emergencies. ADs have a trained staff of 300 employees. For this reason, customers can rest easy. One thing that separates ADS from its competitors is the level of personal service. A thorough review precedes the recommendation of a security system. Subsequently, we understand that each client has specific alarm requirements.

Unmatched Alarm Customer Service

“We take pride in how we handle customer service. Friendly, operators are readily available to answer security questions. We don’t place customers on hold for extended durations. Nor do we force them to request a for a callback.” says Bob Lubic, Executive Vice President. ADS offers a broad range of services, including security, monitoring, fire systems, managed access, video surveillance, video verification, and wireless radio communication.

In addition, many ADS systems have app capabilities on phones or other Internet devices. These features are essential to people who travel on business. That is to say; All alarm customers need the reassurance that everything is as they left it.

Professional Monitoring

For example, ADS operates award-winning, certified monitoring centers in Aurora, Illinois, and Louisville, Colorado. They offer personal alarm verification to accounts near the Aurora facility.
For this reason, they will send an employee to check on an active alarm or meet with the police. When someone attempts a break-in, it is critical to have prompt detection and alert the proper authorities.
To this end, the sales team is available to review all the options for your home or business. Give them a call at 630.844.6300 or visit for more information.

Tips on Preventing Home Break-Ins

According to law enforcement representatives, residential burglars work mostly during the day, when a home is more likely to be unoccupied. A very typical entry technique is a hard kick to the door, forcing the wooden jamb to break. Standard tools like hammers,...