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Can I Get My Home Alarm System to Do More?

When talking about the function and performance of electronics, a typical question comes to mind. What does it do? The next question might be, “Can I get my home alarm system to do more?” These are reasonable inquiries considering all the home appliances, gadgets, and apps we rely on daily.

To forget one’s phone is synonymous with being in the dark. All those lost messages, Emails, and news updates immediately pile up in your absence. It is almost like living without a connection to the outside world. If you want to see what void a phone leaves, turn it off for a spell and see how long you can get by without it.

Now close your eyes and picture your home alarm system. What does it do for you? Can you get by without it? On the flip side, you might ask, “How can I get this device to make my life safer and simple?”

At the core level, a home alarm system performs three essential roles. First, alarms work to deter would-be intruders, trespassers, or other bad actors from harming your property or loved ones. Studies show that just the indication of an alarm system lowers your risk of an event.

Next, home security equipment detects when things are not typical. A broken window, open door, or harmful temperature are things picked up by alarm sensors. The speed at which sensors see these condition changes is directly proportionate to authorities’ notification and response time.

Finally, alarm systems document events for review. A recent news story detailed a resident who had an uneasy feeling about a neighbor. The feeling prompted her to invest in more security at her front entrance. A suspect was subsequently arrested for assault while carrying a knife a few days later. The footage from the camera will likely play a key role in his criminal case.

At Alarm Detection Systems, Inc. (ADS), we build custom systems around individual customer needs and lifestyles. There are dozens of features our company can offer to make your system do more. From two-way voice at the front door to basement flood alerts, we have add-ons to strengthen your home protection.

ADS provides area residents competitive prices on equipment upgrades to complement our low monthly monitoring cost. There is a lot you can do to feel safer. We are just a phone call away and are ready to advise and help plan out your security. Our brochures talk about many features in detail. However, our ability to listen comes at no cost to you. We are proud to be the premier security provider in your area.

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