Daycare Safety and Security

Children’s safety and security should be among daycare centers’ top concerns. Unfortunately, the chaoticness of working with kids can leave your staff unprepared for safety risks — especially without proper training or surveillance devices. 

Upgrading your security systems can improve your public image, emergency preparedness, and daycare safety.

Why Is Daycare Safety Important?

Daycare security systems are essential for many critical reasons. First and foremost, security measures protect your daycare’s children, staff, and guests by minimizing safety risks and improving preparedness. For instance, access controls keep intruders out of the building, and property-wide cameras should monitor all guests while kids are present. 

Next, dependable security can provide parents and guardians with essential peace of mind. Separation anxiety disorder (SAD) and natural instincts can make parents feel uncomfortable leaving their kids somewhere else. Knowing your daycare has reliable security and accountability may make them feel more comfortable signing up their kids. Many daycares even offer live cameras so parents can check on their children throughout the day. 

Investing in high-quality security devices is also important for their ease of use. Your team should be able to quickly access their security devices, including automatic locks, surveillance cameras, and communication channels. In doing so, they can respond to emergencies and suspicious activities faster and more appropriately. This level of preparedness is especially critical when working with children who may not understand safety risks. 

Daycare Security Systems

Comprehensive daycare security plans should include various components, including cameras, audio sensors, and thorough training. Check out the following daycare safety essentials. 

Surveillance Cameras and Lighting

Security cameras let you monitor and record all activity on your property. As a result, you should catch all suspicious behavior before it impacts the children. Visible lights and cameras can also help deter break-ins, theft, and other non-violent crimes. 

Furthermore, surveillance systems are critical for your daycare’s accountability by providing comprehensive footage. For instance, you may use surveillance videos to verify that all kids were picked up by approved adults during pickup. Many daycares have also used security cameras to catch inappropriate behavior by staff, kids, and parents. 

Low video resolution, shadows, trees, and other obstacles can restrict faces and other key details in your camera’s footage. So, you must verify that the view of your property is clear and lit to maximize the details your cameras capture. Consider adding extra lights, investing in better cameras, and frequently testing your surveillance systems. 

Pickup and Visitor Management Systems

Daycares, schools, and other child-based establishments use various procedures to manage their students and guests. Most use pickup management systems that require parents, guardians, and other adults to “check out” their kids during pickup. During this time, daycare staff may ask for a valid photo ID to verify that the adult is approved to pick up the child. 

Most daycares also require guests to sign into their visitor management systems. These systems let you track every person visiting your daycare, including parents and vendors. However, your staff must strictly enforce these management systems to be effective, as just one unregistered guest could be a serious security risk. 

Access control door locks can help you implement your visitor management systems and keep all intruders out. This technology restricts certain rooms and entry points to authorized individuals with different access levels. For example, your controls can let all staff members enter the building but only let managers access rooms with sensitive client information. Plus, using pin codes and key cards instead of metal keys leaves you with fewer choking hazards. 

Comprehensive Safety Training

As with any job with children, your staff should be well-trained in many different focuses. Firstly, daycare employees should know how to respond to emergencies quickly and appropriately. So, you should teach them how to use your daycare security systems and guarantee they have the necessary resources, such as communication channels.

Next, you should discuss how to spot suspicious behavior, especially during child drop-off and pickup. Staff running the pickup management systems must identify fake IDs and detect children’s discomfort around strangers to keep all parties safe. 

Your security and safety training should also cover how to work with children in stressful situations. For example, many children don’t know how to respond during fire drills, requiring all employees to divide their attention. Plus, small and sleeping children may need extra steps to be taken to safety. Frequent drills and training sessions will increase your preparedness and make important information more accessible.

Employee Background Checks

Though your security devices are important, your staff is your daycare’s most crucial layer of defense. Conducting background checks lets you verify that all of your employees, volunteers, and business partners are safe to work around children. You should also search for applicants with security, problem-solving, child management, and adaptability skills for the best preparedness. 

Remote Video Monitoring

24/7 video monitoring keeps your daycare secure at all hours, even without kids. This is essential for daycare safety, ensuring no intruders can sneak onto the property unnoticed. It can also prevent theft and help you respond to emergencies.

Alarm Detection Systems’ professional security team operates from a central monitoring station. With access to your entire security system, they will respond to motion alerts, triggered audio sensors, and other suspicious activity. This lets them catch false alarms and contact you and emergency response teams as necessary. 

Security Audits

Finally, the most effective security systems require frequent tests and maintenance to guarantee they function properly. See how often your smoke alarms, glass break sensors, and other devices need to be tested and set reminders accordingly. You should also frequently check your surveillance cameras, as trees, untended hedges, vehicles, snow, and other obstacles may restrict your view. Consider hiring professional service providers when conducting maintenance for the best results. 

Upgrade Your Daycare Security With Alarm Detection Systems

Keeping kids safe is essential, whether you’re a daycare employee, business owner, or parent. Alarm Detection Systems can help you identify your property’s most significant vulnerabilities to prepare you for all daycare safety risks. Request a quote today to learn how to improve your daycare security systems. 

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