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Secure your property and enjoy peace of mind with a reliable, professional camera system from ADS.

Professional Security Camera Installation

Alarm Detection Systems, Inc. (ADS) delivers professional security systems that allow customers to rest easy, knowing their homes and businesses are protected by a company that’s been offering security solutions since 1968. At ADS, we don’t just install your security cameras; we offer several services that provide additional safety and ensure your cameras are always working correctly.

When you purchase an ADS camera system, you enjoy the industry’s best customer service, from efficient camera system installation to annual inspections and same or next day repairs. We even offer free in-person demonstrations to guarantee you know how to operate your new HD security camera system. Our award-winning central monitoring station is available to handle your emergency and non-emergency communications.

In addition to unbeatable security camera system service and communications, our state-of-the-art cameras are designed to keep your business, home and property safe without you needing to lift a finger. We offer exterior and 4K resolution camera options, 1080p indoor day and night dome cameras and commercial-grade products that are designed to endure the elements. Your security system isn’t effective if it’s not working properly, and that’s why we offer the highest-quality products in conjunction with annual system visits to ensure dependable performance.

We install and service:

  • HD indoor, day and night dome cameras
  • Commercial grade Network Video Recorders (NVRS) with storage
  • Exterior and 4K resolution camera options available
  • Remote connectivity included (PC, iOS, Android)
  • Same/next day repair coverage
  • Annual system visits to ensure maximum performance
  • Free in-person evaluations

The Benefits of Camera Systems

Security camera systems are often purchased to prevent theft, but buyers also realize numerous other benefits from their security camera installation in Chicago. A quality security camera system can contribute to your peace of mind as a business, property or homeowner, and can even provide valuable insights into your customers and neighborhood. The following are a few of the many benefits of choosing a Chicago security camera system service by ADS.

    • Theft prevention — First and foremost, security camera systems help deter theft by outsiders or employees. Shoplifters and employees with ill intentions are less likely to steal if they are aware they’re being watched.
    • Provides customer input — Security cameras allow you to view your customers’ buying behavior, including products they compare and other steps they take before making or foregoing a purchase.
    • Monitoring 24/7 — A home or business video surveillance system allows you to monitor your home at will, whether that means seeing who is ringing your doorbell or checking to make sure your children arrive home safely from school.
    • Provides video evidence — Video footage can provide documented proof of a crime or accident. It’s also one of the more reliable types of evidence in the courtroom.

Choose Alarm Detection Systems

Alarm Detection Systems has provided high-quality security camera installation in Chicago for more than 50 years, but our services don’t end there. We also offer excellent, responsive customer service, ranging from the initial consultation to annual system checks and round-the-clock security camera maintenance in Chicago. Our experience, customer service, and state-of-the-art camera systems make ADS the No. 1 choice for securing your Chicago home or business. Click below to schedule your free quote today.

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