Alarm Detection Systems, Inc. (ADS) frequently welcomes alarm customers from other firms. The reason for their switch can range from re-activation due to a move, poor customer service, price, or limited replacement parts. Whatever the case may be, ADS can professionally monitor most security systems. There are a few critical pieces of information on the home and business sides needed to begin the switch from your current company. In this post, we will explain how alarms work behind the scenes and set you on a course towards obtaining the best system monitoring.


Understand Alarm Signal Requirements

Let’s begin with the basics. The alarm system in your home or business has a control panel, keypad, and sensors. The surrounding components are either wired or wireless. They report back to the control panel, which in turn communicates with a central monitoring station. The signal connection happens via cellular, radio, broadband, or telephone.

Fire alarm systems are required by ordinance to have redundant communication paths. In many applications, a fire radio will act as a back-up to Internet lines. It is also not uncommon to see a second communication method in intrusion systems as it makes it harder for thieves to interrupt the transmission signal.

It is worth noting alarms that use cellular as the primary communication path might not have the most current protocol installed. As we move into the age of 5G communications, there are still many older 3G transmitters in service with the alarm industry. There is a customer cost involved in replacing the older equipment as that communication version is retired. Alarm Detection Systems owns and operates a proprietary radio-mesh network. It is a reliable system that is not affected by frequent communication changes initiated by the cell market.


Write Down Your Communication Preferences

New technology standards allow for many different types of enhanced monitoring notifications. These include two-way voice, video verification, and text message notifications. Some of these are extremely important as they aid with police dispatch. For business owners, storing video feeds on the cloud and sharing it with law enforcement is a plus. For homeowners, setting up real-time event notifications is more than just a luxury. Knowing when visitors come to the front door and speaking with them has become a highly-requested feature in the past couple of years.


Check Your Equipment Ownership 

For ADS to take over the professional monitoring of your system, you need to own the equipment. If you are unsure if your alarm components were part of a lease, it is best to check with your previous service provider. We can monitor most alarm systems from major manufacturers and reuse a good portion of the equipment. However, there are a few cases where systems are specific to the provider or “locked out” to prevent other companies from monitoring it.


Revisit the Overall Effectiveness of the Existing Solution

As we stated above, we can re-activate monitoring on many systems as currently configured. Nevertheless, safety needs change, and the point of investing in security systems is to provide reliable protection for both lives and property. Our experienced staff can review everything you have currently and offer any tips on improvements. Technology continually moves forward, and new features are frequently available. While ADS does stock parts for legacy systems, further analysis may point to an upgrade.

For example, older cameras might consolidate into fewer new models with a broader field depth and an increased dynamic range. Or a recurring false alarm issue could be corrected with proper training. As a full-service security provider, we can assist in these areas and more. Our goal is to help you get the maximum coverage from your alarm investment.


Experience A Positive Difference in Alarm Monitoring and Service

A common misnomer among security customers is that all professional monitoring companies offer the same level of service. While several reputable companies operating today do a great job, only one firm can make the following claims.

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The bottom line is that ADS would like a chance to earn your business. We feel that we can do an outstanding job of protecting your home or business. To that end, we frequently offer new customers incentives to activate monitoring of an existing system with us. Check out the Switch Provider page of our website.


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