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Parking Lot Security Tips

Though they’re often overlooked, parking lots should be among business owners’ top safety concerns. Dependable security measures help protect your property, deter theft, restrict intruders, and keep your team feeling safe. However, every property is different, so you must follow the best parking lot security tips for your specific needs. 

Assess Your Surveillance Setup

Surveillance cameras are one of the most critical aspects of parking lot security. With the right setup, cameras can help you catch suspicious activity in real time and respond to incidents faster. Plus, they are critical for liability and accountability by providing you with footage during investigations.

Pay attention to the security cameras you use and where you place them. Invest in cameras with broad fields of view, high resolution, night vision capabilities, and dependable power options. These enable you to pick up as much activity as possible, regardless of shadows, power outages, and other issues. Plus, cameras with high video quality and night vision are better for capturing faces and other important details. 

Consider all possible limitations and variables when setting up your cameras. Trees, vehicles, shadows, and other obstacles can restrict your cameras’ vision. Even if tree branches aren’t directly in front of the camera, wind, snow, and other weather changes can cause them to block your view. Parking lots with trucks and trailers may require setting up multiple cameras to accommodate some inevitably being blocked. 

Ideally, most cameras should be in high, out-of-reach locations to capture the best views and avoid tampering. Prioritize your building and parking lot’s entry points to capture all activity going in and out. Then, fill in the gaps around the rest of your property to guarantee every space is covered, if possible. For extra coverage, reconsider your obstacles and add additional cameras near frequently blocked or shaded areas.

Install Additional Lighting

Lighting is also essential for parking lot security. From a surveillance perspective, parking lot lights let you capture more activity and better footage at night. Beyond that, security lights can keep intruders away, decrease the risk of accidents, and help people feel safer. 

Many parking lots use luminaire lights atop pole or buildings that cover the area several yards at a time. Invest in lights with strong maximum outputs and wide ranges to illuminate your entire lot. Though power isn’t a top concern, energy-efficient lights will save you money in the long term and reduce the risks of outages. 

Next, search for prominent shadows in your parking lot and invest in additional lights to cover them. Depending on your needs, your lot may require smaller lights, spotlight-style lights, motion detection lights, or other specialized options. You should also consider how your parking lot looks at different times of day, as buildings, trees, and other obstacles can limit lighting.

Finally, take a look at your lights’ available options. Many lights use static and multi-level controls that dictate their power levels. For the best security, consider scheduling all lights to stay on overnight but dim them during inactive hours. Additionally, many lights feature spectrum color temperature options that let you adjust the light’s colors to match your cameras’ needs. 

Establish an Access Control System

Many businesses implement access controls to restrict access to certain areas and track who goes in and out. Setting up an automated access control system using key cards, pin codes, and buzzers lets you administer all parking lot activity. As a result, you can limit entry only to authorized individuals and easily catch anyone who isn’t supposed to be there. 

Develop a Parking Lot Security Plan

Your parking lot’s security plan should cover all of your security needs, including surveillance, emergency responses, and team preparedness. Comprehensive security plans keep you organized so all staff members understand your expectations, especially in time-sensitive situations. 

Every parking lot and team is different, so the most efficient security plans may vary. Professional security providers, such as Alarm Detection Systems (ADS), can develop a customized plan based on your property’s biggest vulnerabilities. 

Comprehensive parking lot security plans should include the following:

  • Visible signage
  • Designated parking areas
  • Regular patrols and security staff
  • Comprehensive security training
  • Easy-to-use communication systems
  • Video and audio surveillance
  • Access controls
  • List of emergency response contacts
  • 24/7 remote video monitoring

Provide Safety and Security Training for Staff

Your parking lot security plan is practically useless if nobody knows about it. Regular safety training will keep everyone on your team updated about your current plan and the best parking lot security tips. As a result, employees can be more proactive about their security and contribute to a safer workplace. 

First, these education sessions should cover your parking lot’s expectations, including prohibited items and how to use access controls. Next, you should teach employees how to identify and report suspicious behavior using your communication channels. You may also consider self-defense training, contamination response training, and regular drills based on your property’s needs. 

Regularly Reevaluate Your Parking Lot Security

Even the best security plans require frequent revisions and reassessments. You’ll often need to reassess your security plan after adding new cameras, equipment, and security staff to ensure all devices and systems coordinate properly. However, you should still reevaluate your security capabilities every few months, even without upgrades. 

Start by testing and checking all security devices, including cameras, fire alarms, and communication systems. Consider hiring a professional maintenance team for repairs and replacements to verify no defects are missed. You may also need to perform maintenance on your parking lot’s lights, signs, gates, and other aspects for a comprehensive setup. 

Then, consider how seasonal and landscape changes have impacted your security plan. Untended trees and hedges may restrict your camera views, while snow build-up may block your vision entirely. Scheduling a security check every couple of months will help you secure your parking lot year round. 

Get Professional Parking Lot Security Tips From ADS

The most effective security plan must be comprehensive and address the property’s particular needs. Our professional experts can identify your parking lot’s most significant vulnerabilities to establish the best security possible. Request a quote today for personalized parking lot security tips and solutions.

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