Fire alarm testing standards

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and many local municipal codes, it is necessary to have the fire and sprinkler systems in commercial buildings tested periodically. Most cities and towns state this as a requirement to have occupancy. Regularly inspected fire devices reduces the risk of malfunctioning in the event of a fire. Like many electronics, fire alarm panels can degrade over time. As a result, they can hurt the system’s operation. Dust, dirt, and damage to fire safety devices are common occurrences over time.

The also NFPA sets strict guidelines for the installation, maintenance, and performance of fire alarm systems. The Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) sets the local code. You can find out precisely who your AHJ is by contacting the fire marshal in your district.

Picking an experienced, reputable company, which employs certified and trained fire testing personnel, is essential. Alarm Detection Systems (ADS) is a one-stop-shop that can inspect all fire systems, sprinklers, backflows, and extinguishers, keep track of when everything is due, and provide detailed quality reports for your records.

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Benefits from fire alarm testing

  • A safer work environment
  • A higher resale value for your building
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Risk mitigation from fire Loss
  • Avoidance of fire code violations
  • Reduction of fines due to false alarms


Scheduling a fire alarm test

NFPA guidelines specify the intervals between fire alarm tests. They can be annual, bi-annual, or another time frame.
First, we schedule testing around your time. It means the smallest interruption to your business. Second, a technician will come to your facility to make a list of your devices. They will then perform the required tests for each. Some are visual. Others might involve triggering alarms. After the test is complete, you will receive a full report to keep on file.


Working with the right fire alarm company

Some service providers perform fire testing without licenses. Some business owners accept the simple “look up at the ceiling for smoke detectors method” to indicate that devices are functioning in some instances. Our technicians take it upon themselves to examine every fire detection device in your facility. They also perform tests according to local regulations. ADS fire technicians are licensed to inspect and test any fire panel and document it regardless of the product or code type. You can view our certifications on the NICET website.


About Alarm Detection Systems, Inc.

Alarm Detection Systems Inc. (ADS) provides excellent customer care and has vast experience testing all commercial properties, including schools, banks, and manufacturing sites. We have been proving the value of our expertise for over 50 years. 

ADS is one of the largest alarm firms in Illinois. It has been family-owned since 1968. ADS provides business alarmsfire alarms, card accesssecurity cameras, and home security systems. Our main office is in the Fox Valley. We service all of Chicago, suburbs, and southern Wisconsin.