The term Hosted Managed Access Control defines two essential things. The first part is that the software that drives your system resides on a secure off-site server administered by our technical team. The second part is that the programming of the system is managed by personnel outside your company. This post details the operation of Hosted Managed Access Control as it relates to physical building security.

An access control system’s primary function is to allow or restrict entry to a building or specific area inside. These protective measures are often part of a more comprehensive security solution. Access control is most effective when used in conjunction with an intrusion detection or video surveillance system.


Access Control Components

As we noted above, modern access control includes a software and hardware piece. Physical components such as card readers, keypads, door strikes, and biometrics all operate using electric power. In this post, we will refer to all reading devices in this group as controllers.

Users typically receive authentication tags from a program manager to gain entry into secure buildings. Key cards are the most common type; other credentials include fobs, pin codes, and other smart device credentials.


Keycards and Key Fobs

Key cards and fobs communicate with a controller through encoded radio waves. These credentials release door locks when presented near a controller. Key cards have a unique number coded electronic chip encased in the plastic shell. The cards do not have a power source; instead, they act as a radio wave receiver. At the same time, a powered controller acts as the antenna.


Access Control Management Software

Equally important is the software that provisions the physical access control equipment. Hosted access control software connects the controllers at the facility to software that resides on a secure, remote server.

Typical portal capabilities include adding or removing users, privileges, and locking/unlocking controlled doors. Administrators can set security permissions for each area and authorized employees. Historical data such as access records and building entry/exit logs are often available for review.

The software and data for a Managed Hosted Access Control System resides with a service provider like Alarm Detections Systems (ADS). Trained security professionals manage schedules, set electronic Key Card privileges, and add/delete users.

With Hosted Access Control, there is no management service. The end user would be responsible for updating user privileges and other area controls on their own.


Remote App Control

ADS software services give authorized users the ability to check their many systems in real-time on a desktop or through an app. Most changes apply with just a few clicks of a button. Having this data available on any Internet-enabled device, from virtually anywhere, is a big convenience.


Dedicated Server Solutions

Depending on the type of business, some state and federal laws require an access control system for managing physical entry to the facility to reside on a secured server on-site. Alarm Detections Systems understands these guidelines and can help comply with regulatory policies while keeping secure data logs.


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