24 7 Key Card Access

A quality entry control system Is vital for monitoring and reporting facility traffic.

A Key Card System Is the First Line of Defense

A key card access system gives you control over which employees and others can access certain areas of your property. It denies individuals access to sensitive areas.  Your key card access system can be installed and monitored at a single entrance or numerous locations throughout your facility.

You’ll see the benefits of your key card system the moment installation is complete whether you’re looking to reduce the chance of theft or improve employee safety.

Access Control Systems

Locations that need to limit access to certain areas use access control. Schools, banks, warehouses, and offices rely heavily on them. They combine with other types of controls to create a more secure environment. First, an employee using a key fob is identified using a door. Next, their activity reports into a network log.  Lastly, the door is locked/unlocked with an electric strike without the need of anyone else being onsite.

Even more, our award-winning, monitoring station watches over your system 24 7.

Benefits of Access Control

  • Limit employee and customer access to certain areas of your business
  • Monitor when employees enter and exit the facility and received detailed reports
  • Elevate employee safety
  • Immediately restrict access for former employees
  • Eliminate misplaced or duplicated keys

System administrators can view open and close reports online. Managed access control is a great way to solve lost or stolen key issues. 24 7 key card access combined with video cameras adds a more secure method of door entry. Interior and exterior door readers can be accessed using a badge, key card, or fob.

Managed Access

  • 24/7 Access Management
  • Remote System Administration
  • Alarm Processing
  • Detailed Reports

Access Control Devices

  • Proximity Card Readers
  • Smart Card Technologies
  • Biometric Readers
  • Portrait Badging
  • Electromagnetic Locks
  • Electric Strikes

Choose Alarm Detection Systems, Inc.

The decision to choose Alarm Detection Systems for your key card access system installation, monitoring, and maintenance is an easy one. We’re committed to providing the best security systems and customer service in Chicago.

By doing so, you’ll understand why we rank among the top 25 alarm companies in the US. In addition to unbeatable service, you’ll also benefit from current security technologies, including biometric readers, electric strikes, locks, and more. 

We also offer same/next day installation and service and maintenance. One of more than 100 trained technicians will be there to install your system.

Our trained staff can walk you through how access controls work. We can also help determine the best access control model for your business. For example, we can program your system by time of day, access level, or other criteria.

You can stop worrying about who can gain access and start focusing on your business. These are some of the reasons we have grown to become one of the nation’s largest security companies, according to SDM Magazine.

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