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Lost or stolen keys from employee

Access to Your Facility – Ex-Employees & Their Keys

Many business owners have dealt with the situation of an ex-employee who still has keys to their facility after they no longer work for the company. When an employee does not return their keys, you can find yourself in a tough spot. Some businesses cannot wait for lost or stolen keys. Usually, the company has to change the locks when they don’t know where every set of keys is.

The solution – access control

The best long term solution for businesses is to upgrade from physical key locks to an access control system. Access control systems give secure and safe access to buildings, offices, and industrial spaces without the need for traditional keys. In fact, access control also gives information on anyone coming and going. As a result, your business will be more secure and you will have more security options for all employees.

Electronic Locks
Therefore, doors can be secured using keycard/fob readers, biometric devices (thumbprint readers), keypads, and other types of electronic locks.

Benefits of keyless access controls

    • Quickly turn access on/off for employees
    • Secure certain areas of your facility while allowing access to others
    • Use a single key card for readers at multiple locations
    • Limit employee access after hours
    • Keep entry/exit history logs
    • Works with security cameras and security systems
    • Issue individual security credentials
    • Control movement for work environments
    • Manage access controls from anywhere

Overall, an ADS security expert can help make sure your access control security services meet all your needs. Then after installation, our technicians ensure the equipment is in working condition.

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