How they work and picking the right access control device

First, we are always looking into new intercoms and other door access control. By doing so we take time and guesswork out of access control. The result is that our customers receive the most efficient intercom installation. In this post, we discuss door controls for all types of businesses. Many of these devices have similar functions. Visitor management has come a long way in the past few years.

The Security Review

Furthermore, ADS can build upon systems that are already in place. For example, a new camera system might work as an add-on to a voice intercom. Likewise, our team can help a customer go wireless or use an app for control. It comes down to the number of doors, people traffic, and reports on the back-end. We can identify someone through audio or video, or both.


Many people know about intercom systems from using them in apartments. They confirm the identity of a person waiting.  A tenant can buzz them inside.  Some video intercoms record the person on the outside of a door. Generally, these systems to not have reports. Video is not always recorded. Simply put, intercoms manage entry from a waiting area to the inside space.

Benefits of Wired/Wireless Intercom Systems

  • Confirm identity with audio/visual
  • Screen visitors without opening a door
  • 2 way voice monitoring
  • Provide a deterrent to unwanted visitors
  • Work with security cameras

Access Control

Access Control Systems

Locations that need to limit access to certain areas use access control. Schools, banks, warehouses, and offices rely heavily on them. They combine with other types of controls to create a more secure environment. First, an employee using a key fob is identified using a door. Next, their activity reports into a network log. Lastly, video is timestamped and sent to network recorder. The door is locked/unlocked with an electric strike without the need of anyone else being onsite.

Benefits of Access Control

  • Limit employee and customer access to certain
    areas of your business
  • Monitor when employees enter and exit the
    facility and received detailed reports
  • Elevate employee safety
  • Immediately restrict access for former
  • Eliminate misplaced or duplicated keys

Network Door Stations

Finally, we have network door stations. A lot of businesses use network door stations to save on human resources. A key benefit is the ability let someone enter without needing to send a person to the door onsite. For example, a scheduled delivery person can be let in using an app on a cell phone offsite. Multiple users can receive alerts at once. Subsequently, the first person who picks up can use two-way audio/video, and unlock the door. Some devices also integrate the aspect of access control with a key fob reader.

Benefits of Network Door Stations

  • Two-way communication, video identification,
    and remote entry control all in one unit
  • Indoor/outdoor models
  • Resistance against severe weather conditions
    and vandalism
Axis Network Door Station

Example of an all in one network door station. The AXIS A8207-VE

In conclusion, all these types of access control offer a safe way to identify a visitor without opening the door or exposing personnel to any physical threat. Make your facility safer and provide convenience and peace of mind for your employees with a network door station from Alarm Detection Systems, Inc.

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