In this post, we discuss creating an emergency contact list for your business, why this is important, and why it is critical to keep it up to date. Having an emergency contact list for your business is an essential part of your disaster and emergency preparedness plan. Besides having an emergency contact list for your employees, you should have one with your security provider as well. Your security company may not be the first person you think of contacting when disaster strikes. However, if a phone number changes, it is crucial that you keep this information up to date.

Importance of Emergency Contact List to Your Security Provider

When a situation occurs, it is possible that your security provider will respond to the emergency before your employees do. They will need to have an up to date list of who needs to be contacted depending on the situation. What if an emergency occurs and when your security company tries to contact you, and your cell phone number has changed? What if a fire alarm triggers at your business and you are unreachable? When this happens, we will then try your emergency contacts. What if your listing is not up to date? It could contain the names of people who no longer work for the company or who have changed their contact information. We could find ourselves in the middle of an emergency at your business and unable to contact you or your emergency contacts.

Updating Your Emergency Contact List

Before an emergency happens, make sure your security company has an up to date emergency contact list. If you haven’t done so already, create a list of current management or employees. Then submit it to your security company as your emergency contact list if you are unavailable. If you are a customer of Alarm Detection Systems; you can update your emergency contact list from the Customer Dashboard Login. Once you have logged in, you may click on My Monitoring and then Alarm System Updates. After the form complete, our office will receive your request. An email will be sent to you once all of your updates are complete. If you need assistance or have questions, contact customer service at 630.844.6300

Emergency Contact Tips

The people on your emergency contact list will usually be part of your management team or other key employees. These people would likely have access to your place of business and be authorized to make decisions in the case of an emergency. When you are putting this list together for your business, make sure to inform everyone on this list you are adding them. Otherwise, there could be confusion that will affect the emergency response at the moment when a quick response could be critical. Also, make sure that all the information that you are adding is up to date. Take the time to call all the numbers to make sure your data is correct.

When you finish compiling your list, add the info to a spreadsheet of all the people and businesses that need to be updated when either you or one of your emergency contacts changes phone numbers.

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