False Alarms resulting in a police or fire department dispatch
can cost you big bucks. Such events also take first responders away from actual emergencies.

Follow these 10 tips to save: Time, Money and Frustration.

  1. Train all users that have an alarm code on use
    of system and procedures.
  2. All key holders MUST have an arm/disarm code for the keypad, and a passcode on file in our Central Station.
  3. Make sure call lists/passcodes are up to date.
  4. Verify all doors & windows are closed and locked before arming the alarm.
  5. Be sure no banners or decorations including helium balloons are in the motion detector’s view.
  6. Do not stack items in front of motion detectors.
  7. Before arming, verify everyone is out of the building/house.
  8. Only enter and exit through designated time delayed doors or the alarm will go off instantly.
  9. Call in for a service call 630.844.6314 if there is a recurring issue with your system.

Tens of thousands false alarm occurrences from home and business security systems occur annually. Penalties can exceed hundreds of dollars. Our goal is to ensure your alarm will operate correctly in the case of a security event. We also place a high priority on reducing false alarms due to human error. In fact, ADS is one of the few alarm companies that have a dedicated team to address false alarm reduction.
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Mellissa Hodgetts and Edward Lubic are the heart of the false alarm reduction group. Together, they have over 35 years combined experience. They continuously monitor all accounts for early signs of trouble, working with our Central Station and Service Department to minimize and eliminate false alarms. ADS has one of the lowest false alarm occurrence rates in the industry.

Melissa and Ed

Melissa Hodgetts and Ed Lubic

To request a free false alarm training session and system evaluation send us an email at far@adsalarm.com