Year-round home security is essential, but are you adjusting your security needs for each season? Summer has its own set of safety and security concerns, while winter weather can trigger a host of issues. Spring rains are another potential hazard to consider. Ramp up your seasonal security with these essential home security tips. Alarm Detection Systems, Inc. (ADS) is ready to help prepare your home for any time of the year.

How to Make Your Home Safer in Spring

Spring is all about new flowers, gardens, and sprouting leaves. It also brings its signature April showers. Rain is needed, but it can raise serious security concerns. Rain in spring can lead to flooding. As part of your spring cleaning to-do list, check on your sump pump. This is an excellent time of the year to make sure your sump pump works correctly. Another step to get ahead of a flood is installing a water bug sensor. ADS can easily install this device in your home. A water bug sensor alerts monitoring professionals when water is detected, which could be a sign of a sump pump malfunction. Early detection of flooding can prevent severe damage to your home.

Another maintenance issue that you should add to your spring cleaning checklist is to clean your dryer vents. According to  The National Fire Protection Agency, 12,900 dryer fires occurred yearly nationwide between 2012 and 2016. Not only is it essential to clean your lint filter after each load, but you also need to check your vents for an accumulation of lint.

Although it is advised only to run your dryer when you are at home and before going to bed, sometimes you may forget to turn the dryer off before leaving the house. Call us and ask about monitored fire devices. Having professionals monitor these devices 24/7/365 puts homeowners at ease. Upon notification of an alarm, proper authorities are immediately dispatched. Fast response time is essential with a fire.

Security Tips for Summer

Summer is supposed to be about fun and kicking back on vacation. However, don’t let security oversights spoil all the fun. Start by enlisting a trusted friend, family member, or professional house sitter to oversee your home while you’re away. Even if you’re away for a short time, you should at least get a neighbor or another trusted individual to bring in your mail. Traveling homeowners are vulnerable to mail and package theft.

Another essential step to remember when going out of town is to update your emergency contact list. It is crucial to inform ADS’s professional monitoring staff the days you will be out of town and what instructions you would like followed in the event of an alarm.

Home Security Tips and Tricks for Fall

As summer winds down, your next seasonal security concern is fall. One noticeable difference about autumn, besides the colder weather, is that the sky darkens earlier. Remember, spring forward and fall backward! Therefore, additional lighting is crucial during the fall.

Stay on the safe side, and install extra lighting on your porch, driveway, and backyard. Your lighting should have motion sensors, turning on the moment someone comes near the door. Line your porch steps and lawn with lighting. Nestle in a few bright garden lights to illuminate your property. This is helpful if your street is dark with limited street lights.

Fall is an excellent time to install remote home security apps, such as Total Connect, on your mobile devices. You could walk up a dark street and wait for your lights to turn on, or you could turn them on in advance. Remote apps let you control your home security off-site. There are also sequences that you can program in your Total Connect app that allow you to program your home’s lighting schedule. Therefore, your lights will turn on promptly after you get off work, without fail.

Winter Security Ideas

Don’t wait to experience the consequences of winter security threats. Winter weather in Chicagoland many times is unpredictable. It is important to remember that with cold weather, frozen pipes are a possible outcome. This is where ADS comes into play. Call today to have a low-temperature sensor installed in your home.

Low-temperature sensors will alert monitoring professionals of abnormally low temperatures. This notification allows you to take the steps needed to prevent your pipes from freezing. 

Holiday packages are another common winter security concern. Over 1.7 packages disappear every day during the holidays. Doorbell cameras, such as the Skybell, are a great addition if you wish to monitor your deliveries. Skybell allows you to receive notifications straight to your phone. The motion sensor in the doorbell will alert you when your package is delivered. This motion detection will also inform you if any suspicious activity is occurring at your porch.

Invest in Seasonal Security

Are you covering all your home security bases? Remember the unique security concerns of each season. Put these home security tips into practice to beef up your security year-round. Start taking control of your home security today. Our professionals are ready to help. Call us at 630.844.6322 to schedule an in-home consultation with an experienced representative.

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