What is a doorbell camera?

Doorbell cameras are a relatively recent feature developed for home security systems. They provide a new level of protection at the front door for homeowners and residents. A doorbell camera has a built-in surveillance camera that allows you to view it from any tablet, phone, or computer.

How do they work?

A doorbell camera works by allowing you to view live video of whoever is outside your door, without having to open the door, move a curtain or peak through a window. Doorbell cameras allow you to discreetly view who is at the door without making your presence known.

Not only does this make it possible to screen your door visitors the same way caller ID works for your phone calls, but you also don’t have to let a stranger or potential intruder know you are home.

You can view a live video image from outside your front door. You can watch your video feed from a phone, tablet or other devices. It is more subtle than a security camera while still providing the functionality of a doorbell.

Skybell Video Doorbell Two-way Voice

Benefits of doorbell cameras:

    • HD video
    • Two-way audio
    • Motion detection
    • Viewing from any smart device
    • Full-color night vision
    • Complete home security integration

There are many benefits and uses that come with having a doorbell camera. Some people like to spend time in their rec rooms and use them, so they don’t have to check the door every time the doorbell rings.

People use the video recordings to see if their package ever arrived. Others use them so their kids never have to answer the door when left home alone. Parents even use them to make to find out if they had guests coming over they weren’t supposed to.

The take Away

In conclusion, these type of cameras are highly versatile for many different applications. They can provide you with peace of mind knowing that you or your children never have to open or even go to the front door to find out who is there. Once you start answering your front door from your smartphone, you’ll never want to go without a doorbell camera one again.

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