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How Do Wireless Doorbell Cameras Work?

What is a smart doorbell camera?

Doorbell cameras are a relatively new feature developed for home security systems. They provide protection at the front door for homeowners and residents. A security doorbell with a monitor has a built-in surveillance camera that allows you to view it from any tablet, phone, or computer. A home doorbell camera incorporates the features of a security cameras, two-way voice, and motion detection.

How does this type of video doorbell work?

A wireless doorbell camera works by allowing you to view live video of whoever is outside your door, without having to open the door, move a curtain, or peak through a window. Doorbells with monitors allow you to discreetly view who is at the door without making your presence known. They are one of the first components of a smart home. Just like a standard door security camera, and integrated unit that is wireless requires a strong WI-FI signal.

We offer professional installation. ADS believes in quality home security. All parts of an alarm system need to work when needed.

Not only does this make it possible to screen your door visitors the same way caller ID works for your phone calls, but you also don’t have to let a stranger or potential intruder know you are home. Additionally, multiple people can get alerts to answer the door. Most manufacturers support more than one unit per account.

You can view a live video image from outside your front door. You can watch your front door camera feed from a phone, tablet, or other devices. It is more subtle than a security camera while still providing the functionality of a doorbell. Push notifications occur in real-time. Motion sensors detect many types of activity. A doorbell camera with monitor is not necessary since the video feed works with internet-enabled devices.

Skybell Video Doorbell Two-way Voice

Benefits of Doorbell Security Cameras

There are several quality manufacturers out there such as Ring cameras, and Google doorbells. of ADS carries the award-winning brand, Skybell. Smart video doorbells make it possible to interact with visitors at the door. Using a simple app, you can see and speak with a visitor at your door anytime. Here are some of the features Skybell video doorbells include:

      • 1080p HD video 
      • Full-color night vision capable
      • Two-way audio
      • Cloud recording & storage
      • Motion detection
      • Weather and rain-proof
      • Units can withstand temperatures between -40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit
      • Complete home security integration

Packed with Features

Some benefits and uses come with having a doorbell video camera. Some people like to spend time in their rec rooms and use them, so they don’t have to check the door every time the doorbell rings. People use the video recordings to see if their package ever arrived. Others use them so their kids never have to answer the door when left home alone. Parents even use them to make to find out if they had guests coming over they weren’t supposed to.

With smart app control, a user can decide how they receive alerts. They can turn off the traditional doorbell chime and only use mobile notifications in silent mode. A video alert gets sent someone is standing at the door for more than ten seconds, but the doorbell will not chime. Skybell has many feature-rich benefits. In addition to innovative technology, these units are well made and look attractive on the outside of the house. Theft protection is another big selling point.

When you dig deeper into feature comparisons between units, there is a lot to be discovered. First, a user can review the days’ events while they were away. So if you miss a visitor or want to look at a motion alert, it is easy to do so. You can even capture a still picture of anyone at your door with one button. It is also possible to zoom in the face of your visitor. Secondly, it is simple to turn off the chime if there is a baby in the house. Lastly, At the time of writing this article, Skybell has a policy in place of replacing the unit if it is stolen (free of charge).

How are These Units Powered?

Advanced home security doorbells from Skybell and other companies draw their power from a low voltage electrical circuit. A Skybell requires a constant source of low voltage power to use the video feature. There is a small battery in the unit that assists with the distribution of electricity. While the battery does not function as a sole power source, it does work to optimize performance and efficiency.

What is the Battery Life?

If a power outage occurs, the devices will only function for a few minutes. When power returns, the doorbell recharges rapidly. At that time, it reboots and resumes functionality.

The take Away

In conclusion, these types of cameras are highly versatile for many different applications. They can provide you with peace of mind knowing that you or your children never have to open or even go to the front door to find out who is there. Once you start answering your front door from your smartphone, you’ll feel more connected to your front door. A doorbell security camera systems are part of complete home Protection. Furthermore, they are relatively easy to install.

A robust security plan means protecting all areas of your house. ADS safeguards against all kinds of security threats. We guard against water damage, furnace flair up, and burst pipes in the wintertime. Cameras, smart locks, and lighting control perfectly complement a front doorbell cam.

When calling, call ask about our complete line of home security services. We want you to feel safe and secure in your property. ADS has been protecting homes in Illinois since 1968. Our company enjoys a stellar reputation online. We let the customers do the taking for us.

At Alarm Detection Systems a team of security camera experts is ready to answer your questions and provide you with a customized system. If you are looking for security cameras around Chicago or the Fox Valley area, give us a call 630.844.6322 for more information. 

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