When you hear the name Alarm Detection Systems, Inc., or ADS, you may immediately think of burglar alarm installation and monitoring. Here at ADS, we do much more. Please keep reading to learn about the services you may not realize we offer. We are your one-stop-shop for your alarm and fire safety needs. Using one vendor often can lead to savings and less interruption to your business.


Access Control

Access Control is an essential feature of business security. Allowing the ability to track employees and ensure only authorized personnel are on the property. ADS can help you equip all entryways with a keypad that requires an identification number or a swipe of a key-card to gain access.

Access control systems take away the worry of unwanted visitors. Unauthorized personnel will be required to obtain permission before entering your premises. Once granted permission, you can decide which areas of the building you want them to visit.


Code Compliance

Every municipality has standards and guidelines for fire alarm installation maintenance and testing. With over fifty years of business experience behind us, ADS can properly navigate and follow fire code compliance down to the last detail. Allowing our experts to do the work can take the time and stress off your hands, granting you precious time to focus on your business. When you partner with ADS, keeping your fire system compliant is a simple, hassle-free process. Whether you need advice on alarm components for new construction or alteration to an existing building, we are ready to assist.


Elevator Monitoring

Most commercial buildings have an elevator and need monitoring services for it. Elevator monitoring provides communication between those on the elevator and professional operators. The service is helpful in case of an emergency or elevator malfunction. Trained operators can quickly notify the local fire department of any issues onsite. Don’t forget to have your elevator phone tested often. It is vital to make sure the device is working correctly should an emergency occur.


Fire & Sprinkler Inspections

Commercial buildings are required to have their fire and sprinkler systems inspected annually. You may not have known, but ADS can help you with this yearly task. We have a department of trained inspectors who follow NFPA guidelines. Our dedicated team will inspect your building thoroughly. Upon completion, an inspection report gets submitted to the fire department promptly.

If any items fail during your inspection, we can provide a quote for repairs and complete them. After the necessary repairs are taken care of, the fire department will get an updated report. We are here to help keep your building in compliance.


Remote App Access

One of the best features of both business and residential security systems is remote app access. In today’s digital world, there’s an app for everything – and your security system is no different. Arm and disarm your alarm remotely or view and monitor video footage from anywhere there’s a Wi-Fi connection. Security apps allow you to keep an eye on your home or property regardless of how far away you are.

Business owners like remote app access because it allows them to monitor their property overnight and during off-hours. Virtually, they can check-in on employees at any given time. Homeowners can use remote access to check on their children, babysitters, or monitor activity while on vacation.


Security Cameras

ADS has a team dedicated to camera services. You want a system that allows for video playback and data storage. These are essential features in the event of a crime. Video surveillance cameras can record both individuals and vehicles involved in a crime or disturbance on your property. Depending on how many cameras you have and available storage, you can save and download vital footage to help solve a crime and keep your building safe.

Alarm Detection Systems offers camera services for both businesses and homes. With an onsite consultation, our security professionals can go over camera options and discuss the best camera placement locations.

Additionally, ADS also offers the Skybell doorbell camera for our residential customers. Enjoy the convenience of video along with two-way voice communication with your visitors. Also, receive a notification on motion detection; this is a great way to keep an eye on your deliveries.

ADS has been a trusted company located locally in Aurora, IL, for over 50 years. Our security professionals are ready to help you with your security needs. Give us a call today to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment to discuss options for your home or business.


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