Convenience, location, and more natural breathing at taller altitudes are just some of the attractive features that draw people into high-rise living. With an apartment or condominium-style of residence comes a different set of fire and security considerations.

It is easy to conjure up a picture in your mind; it may include the doorman, the security guard at the front desk, and multiple elevators taking you upstairs. Hollywood has romanticized condo and apartment living in movies and television for decades. Hi-rises have also been the centerpieces for disaster films for just as long. This article takes a more pragmatic approach to fire safety and security, offering useful tips for real, everyday life.

Whether you are in the market for a new residence or are an existing tenant at a hi-rise, we put together some useful tips to aid with safety and security. Print it out and take it with you the next time you are meeting with a real-estate agent or building manager.


Look for the following fire safety features. 


  • Select a fire-sprinkler-protected building. Hi-rises will have ample systems installed that are not always present in non-hi-rise structures. In any multi-tenant dwelling, sprinkler systems are a proven fire suppression tool. Ask building management to consider one if it’s not present.
  • Request a meeting with building management to understand what emergency communication and evacuation plan they have in place.
  • Observe the number of exit stairs in the event any of them becomes blocked by smoke and fire. All exits should all be marked, unlocked, and free of barriers like security bars, or clutter.
  • Inquire if there is an emergency refuge area or an elevator system specifically designed to operate during an emergency.


Consider the following security tips to guard against home Invasion. 


  • Make sure that entry locks were changed between the last tenant moving out and your move in time. All doors and windows should have secure locks installed. A deadbolt and door viewer will add an extra level of protection. If they are not present, you can ask the building manager for permission to install them. Our professional lock shop is ready to assist if needed.
  • Another apparent but important tip is to always look to see who is at the door before unlocking it. Request identification from all service and delivery people before letting them in. If your entrance does not have a door viewer, you can always request visitors slip their ID under the door.
  • On any occasion that you are stepping out even for a short time to run errands, do not leave your door unlocked. Anyone hanging out in the hallway or common areas could enter your home undetected.
  • A hi-rise is a building seventy feet above the access of a laddered fire truck. This next tip is for condo owners or renters in units closer to the ground level. Sliding patio doors need to be secured with rods or pins present in the track to prevent intruders.
  • Apartment and condo entry doors for individual units use numbers for a reason. These indicators assist emergency personnel in quickly locating you. It would not be the best idea for unit owners to remove them.
  • Mailbox labels should include only your first initial and last name. Identity thieves only need a few complete pieces of Personal Information (PI) to steal from you.
  • Take advantage of all the new features security systems can offer. In this day and age, we are not just talking about alarm sounds and alarm wall panels. Affordable security cameras and doorbell cameras can send alerts right to your phone with an Internet connection. You can even speak to a visitor when you are not at home. You can set the light and temperature remotely to fit your lifestyle. These days’ security systems enhance hi-rise living with features that complement what your landlord has in place.

We hope you found these tips useful. If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to call Alarm Detection Systems. Our security experts are waiting to take your call at 630.844.6322. Our company offers convenient virtual meetings that work around your busy schedule.

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