As Illinois restaurants work to come back to some degree of normal operations, they have new guidelines to follow. For now, dining establishments can only offer outdoor seating for dining and drinking. Guest parties must consist of six patrons or less. Gov. J.B. Pritzker recently unveiled specifics on how the next phase of restaurant and bar operations will work.

When they do get in, customers have to follow specific social distancing policies and wear face coverings along with the wait staff. The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity is now offering establishments printable signs to place at the entrance of outdoor dining areas.

Amid the gradual lifting of certain pandemic restrictions, Illinois restaurants have had to work fast. Businesses who did not have an existing Sidewalk Café permit hurried to apply for one the beginning of this month. There are thousands of restaurants in Chicago alone, with many looking to reopen dining. The stress toll on managers has been extraordinary.

Alarm Detection Systems, Inc. (ADS) is a local business that helps secure restaurants and bars. Since the beginning of COVID-19, We have been advising and assisting our customers with changing requirements. This post covers methods and technology solutions to protect employees, patrons, equipment, and property with cameras. To begin, we’ll look at what camera solutions might help your new serving area.

As we reinforce throughout several of our posts, video surveillance and security can protect business profits by 1. acting as a deterrent, 2. detecting security events, and 3. documenting and storing these events for review. Opening a new section of your business while having to follow all the guidelines you and your staff need to follow might justify camera relocation or expansion.

It is best to check with an ADS security consultant on what the most cost-effective plan might be. Our goal is to make use of your existing system and change equipment to meet the coverage area when necessary. The first consideration would be what types of indoor/outdoor cameras exist and what they are pointing to now.

Consider the following outdoor surveillance objectives:

  • Observe the dining area
  • Monitor the bar and drinks stations
  • Watch anywhere customers pay
  • Cover the parking lot
  • Keep an eye on expensive equipment

While considering moving or repositioning some cameras, it may be more cost-effective to add a device. There are several advantages that outdoor cameras provide. These cameras withstand the different weather elements outside by design because they are typically impact-resistant and dust-proof. Outdoor cameras also feature dynamic range, low-light capabilities, and tamper-proof enclosures.

Our camera department has expertise in many different types of indoor and outdoor camera applications. They can specify what camera is best to cover a narrow or wide area. Our team understands methods for everything from license plate recognition to the Point of Sale (POS) camera integration. Whatever concern you have, be it a robbery or employee theft, chances are there is an electronic mitigation tool to help with the issue.

If you are an existing ADS customer and would like additional outdoor signs for your new outdoor serving area, please give us a call at (630) 844-6322. Alarm signs and the presence of electronic security often act as the first deterrent against crime. We appreciate your business and are happy to send what you require.

ADS is committed to protecting your restaurant or bar inside and out. We are just a phone call away for electronic security advice. Contact us to schedule a free consultation or call (630) 844-6322 to speak with one of our experienced business security professionals. We’ll help you enhance the best camera system for your building.


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