According to law enforcement representatives, residential burglars work mostly during the day, when a home is more likely to be unoccupied. A very typical entry technique is a hard kick to the door, forcing the wooden jamb to break. Standard tools like hammers, screwdrivers, pry bars and pliers are often used to gain entry into a home.
While residential burglaries may seem random, there is a selection process. Unoccupied homes with easy or concealed access and quick escape routes are preferred targets. Once inside, burglars look for small, expensive items that are tradeable for cash. Favorite things include money, jewelry, tablets, DVD/Blue-Ray players, game consoles, watches, and small electronic devices. Alarm signs and decals, secure locks and doors, big dogs, and alert neighbors will frequently deter burglars.

Prevent home break ins with the following safety tips:


  • Install lights on all exterior doors. Use these lights at night
  • Install light fixtures where bulbs are hard to reach

Doors & Windows:

  • Change the locks when moving into a new residence
  • Always lock your doors and windows
  • Don’t hide the spare key outside
  • Use a solid core or metal exterior doors
  • Use deadbolt door locks on exterior doors


  • Close the garage door and keep windows covered so no one can see inside
  • Hide the garage door opener from open view in your car


  • Trim tree branches seven feet or less off the ground
  • Prune shrubs to less than three feet off the ground
  • Use motion sensors and photocells on exterior floodlights

While on Vacation:

  • Ask neighbors to help with your trash bins and newspaper
  • Park a neighbor’s car in your driveway
  • Use timers on indoor lights to give the impression you are home
  • Install a UL approved and monitored residential alarm

Busted doors and windows will not alert anyone to a break-in if they are not seen, or heard breached. Alarm Detection Systems can offer you the next level of monitored home protection. We have been a trusted, licensed provider of security equipment for over 40 years. Safeguard everything you have worked so hard for, more importantly, yourself and the ones you love.
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