Your property will have the added protection of your alarm system, but what other security issues should be of concern?

One possible vulnerability might be the people you allow into your property. What about the technician who shows up to install, maintain and repair your alarm system? How do you know they are trustworthy? How well have they been screened? Do they have the proper certifications?

That will depend on who your security company hires as technicians and what type of screening and training they have to go through.

At Alarm Detection Systems, we take the hiring, training, and certification of our technicians, and all employees, very seriously.

We have a thorough screening process for all potential employees. New employees will go through an onboarding, training, and certification process to ensure they meet the highest standards. Our skilled and professional technicians are among the most qualified in the industry.

ADS Requirements:

    • Employees carry photo identification along with their employee number for verification onsite
    • Technicians are bonded and insured
    • All staff undergo extensive background checks including a drug screening and polygraph test
    • Everyone at ADS has a State of Illinois Permanent Employee Registration (PERC) card


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