Detecting A Crime In Progress

Instructional videos on how to program and use Video motion detectors. The purpose behind video verified alarm systems is for Priority Response from police. Wireless motion viewers use cameras with PIR detection to identify intruders. A central station dispatcher can review and dispatch. The devices are battery powered and can operate for years in harsh environments. Different models can be used in indoor and outdoor applications. We carry equipment from a company named Videofied.

Response Time

Using video motion detectors to confirm alarm status continues to improve. Video cameras are practical and affordable. Equally important is for Police and other agencies use cameras to reduce false alarms. As a result, a much stronger way exists to identify crimes in progress. Quickly sending a response to the scene is critical.

According to the Monitoring Association, the process refers to ‘two-call verification. A central monitoring station contacts two responsible parties on the alarm user’s list. Then reach out to first responders.
Alarm monitoring offered at ADS includes video motion detection alarms.

False Alarms

Many law enforcement agencies face problems with a limited workforce. They also deal with false alarms. A large number of cities are adopting verification requirements for alarms. Likewise, there are several added benefits using alarms systems with video motion detectors.

First, verifying alarms help reduce the burden of these agencies responding to false alarms. As a result, resources a freed up to respond to emergencies. Secondly, obtaining clear visuals permit responders to enter the premises safely. Since they know whether an actual emergency exits for this reason. Lastly, using this type of equipment ensures costumers meet local standards for a response.

Call us to learn how video motion detectors fit into an overall business security system. We often use parts of the current system in place. Saving our customers money as a result. We specialized in converting analog CCTV into digital IP systems. ADS has over 50 years of business alarm experience in Chicago. We cater to small and large business alike. We protect schools, banks, retail schools and more. Our phone number is 630.844.600.

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