Security cameras and Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) both protect a business.

You will hear both of these words used in alarm discussions. These terms essentially mean the same thing. It is easy to get them confused — the articles in the section cover CCTV. First, Let’s take a closer look at these terms. Banks, Credit unions, retail stores, and municipal buildings all use CCTV.

Sometimes they act as a deterrent. In other cases, cameras identify criminals after the fact. Installs vary based upon the need. Camera resolution also depends on where they go. Some sensors have night vision features, while others use analytics.

Also, Megapixel sensors in IP cameras capture high-definition video — equipment with on-board flash memory function as stand-alone devices. Cameras record to network recorders for more extended periods. ADS installs and service both kinds.

Next, let’s look at some typical applications. If a window breaks at jewelry store, a video camera starts recording the event. Likewise, if a burglar robs a ban, triggering an alarm, video begins. Most gas stations have good examples of continuous recordings. When an individual drives off without paying, video reads a license plate. This footage stores on a physical device or in the cloud.

In conclusion, ADS provides the correct CCTV system. We are here to assist you. Our staff services hundreds of commercial customers each week. We understand all aspects of CCTV systems. Our security consultants will visit your facility and provide a complete camera system check-up.Call us today for more information, call 630.844.600.

What do Business Security Camera Systems Actually Record?

What do Business Security Camera Systems Actually Record?

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