Business Security Camera Basics

Cameras are everywhere these days, partly because they are incredibly helpful in preventing and fighting crime. When it comes to your business, your security system must include cameras. 

Business security cameras strengthen your ability to keep your company safe and avoid all types of problems. Adding them to your setup is a great idea, but you need to understand the basics of security cameras to ensure you get ones that best suit your needs. 

Reasons to Install Business Security Cameras

Video surveillance not only provides protection but also gives you the ability to monitor.


Cameras help to keep your property secure and cut down on theft and vandalism. Visible cameras often deter crime because video evidence increases the chances of catching and convicting a perpetrator.

If something happens on your property, your cameras will record it and potentially enable you to identify the person or people behind it. You can provide the footage to the police to aid in their investigation. Many areas encourage businesses and homeowners to register their cameras for such purposes. Some even provide grants to help business owners buy cameras to keep areas more secure.

Your customers or clients will feel safer coming to your business knowing that a strong security system is in place. Your employees will also feel better about going to and from their vehicles, even after dark. 


Criminals aren’t the only threat to your business. Sometimes internal issues spark problems. If you have an issue, you can use your cameras to monitor the situation, as most systems allow you to check in remotely.

In some industries, you may also need cameras to maintain regulatory compliance. Depending on your business, you may want camera coverage of operations so you can avoid potential legal problems. 

Components of a Business Security Camera System

In addition to the cameras in a business security system, you also need to understand data storage and internet connection. 


The cameras need to be of the highest quality possible so you receive clear images. A resolution of 1080p is probably the lowest you should get. If you can, buy 4K because that will provide crystal-clear images that reveal important details necessary for business video security. 

They should also have the capability to record clearly at night. There is a range of camera designs, and you need to decide whether you want them to be visible or hidden. Compare the features that different camera models offer and their overall functionality as you choose the business security cameras that will work best for you.

A number of other camera features add functionality and increase the benefits of installing a system. Video analytics, such as facial recognition and frame-by-frame tracking, make any video you capture more usable and enable the camera to collect more data. 

Another feature is compatibility with your mobile phone. Having an app to provide you with alerts and allow you to manage your system is invaluable. You’ll be able to stay on top of things even when you are away. Ideally, it will let you set alerts for events and conditions such as a power outage or the detection of movement. 

Look for cameras that allow you to adjust and move the view. This feature can be helpful if you are watching someone on your property because you can follow the person with the camera. It also will let you have fewer cameras due to the wider coverage. 

If your cameras will not run all the time, make sure they have motion detection. With this feature, the camera will begin recording when it sees movement. This is helpful if you need to conserve the amount of recorded material due to storage limitations. 

Data Storage

Data storage options are on the camera, within your system, or in the cloud. Storage within a camera is usually small. It also has a lot of limits due to it being a physical source, so it isn’t ideal. Storage on your system is helpful because you have it ready to go, but you still have limits. You need a drive large enough to save the data, which isn’t always cost-effective. 

The best option is cloud storage because it is large enough to keep recordings for a long time while also being easy to access. You can easily go into your storage and remove videos you don’t need or lock ones that are important to avoid accidental erasures. In addition, anything stored in the cloud is simple to share with others, including law enforcement. 

Internet Connection

Your system will likely require a strong and stable internet connection to function. If the internet goes out or the connection is unstable, it will impact your ability to record. If your internet is unreliable, then you should consider a system that does not need it. But note that if you don’t have IP security cameras, you will need on-site physical storage. 

Regardless, have backup storage in place so that if the internet goes out unexpectedly, your cameras will continue to record.

Security Camera Placement and Usage

In the past, security camera systems were expensive and complex, so installation was kept simple. Now, with wireless options and the costs more affordable, you should make sure your system provides full coverage of your location. 

Put cameras in all areas where there may be people or where you suspect potential issues could arise. This should include inside and outside your business. Common placement is at each door, in the parking lot, behind the building, and throughout the interior. 

Your Next Step Toward Installing Business Security Cameras

Knowing that you need cameras and having an idea of what you should buy is a great start. Now, you need expert help to assess your needs fully and determine what products you need for an effective and efficient business security system. 

At Alarm Detection Systems, we have experience working with many business owners in Northern Illinois and Colorado. We help our customers put together a core system that will keep them and their businesses safe. Contact ADS today and get the protection you need.

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