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Beginners Guide to Business Security Cameras

Picking the right security camera system for your business can seem daunting without the correct information. With so many options available, it can take time to know where to start. Fortunately, this security camera guide will give you all the information you’ll need to begin making the right choice for your business. 

First, consider why your business needs security cameras. Every business is different, so clearly define what you want your security system to achieve. Some of the reasons to install security cameras include deterring burglaries, detecting staff theft, and documenting any crimes that may take place inside or outside your premises. The size and the nature of your business can also impact how you choose security cameras for your business. 

Wireless Security Camera Systems

Wireless security camera systems run on the same technologies you use on your phone. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® powers these systems and offers a great amount of flexibility for many reasons.

The first point of flexibility comes from having the ability to watch the live stream footage from any compatible device. This means you could maintain a traditional security guard watching multiple computer screens from inside your premises. Alternatively, you could use the motion detection feature that most wireless cameras have. These alerts will be sent to your smartphone or tablet at home. 

You also have the freedom to decide how the footage is stored. From local storage on a hardware device to securely maintaining it in the cloud, you have complete control. You can program your camera systems to delete old footage when it reaches its storage limit. Given the relatively low cost of storage now, you will likely be able to store as much footage as your business reasonably needs. Choosing a cloud-based security camera system for your business also adds another layer of security. This allows you to retain the data, even if someone steals the actual camera device. 

The obvious benefit of wireless cameras is that they do not attach to a physical wire. This means that you can install them much more easily and efficiently. It also means you have much more flexibility in moving the cameras once you have installed them. If you decide to change the location of one or more cameras, you can do this much more quickly than with wired security cameras. 

You can purchase wireless cameras as standalone units or as part of a multi-camera system. It is also easy to add additional cameras to your network if you decide you don’t have enough, or if you want to move/expand your premises. Businesses just starting out with a new security system can enjoy the freedom to add more cameras later if they’re unsure of how many they need.

Outdoor Security Camera System for Business

Choosing to use outdoor security cameras is a great choice for several reasons. Firstly, it acts as a deterrent from anyone trying to approach your premises to commit a crime if the cameras are in an obvious position. They can also help to maintain an accurate record of who enters and exits your building. 

Outdoor security cameras have durable external housing that protects the internal components from harsh weather. We have over 35,000 accounts across Northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin, and Colorado, so we understand the need for weather protection very well. Whether you’re located in hot humidity or have to deal with an icy winter, our outdoor cameras won’t let you down.

Outdoor cameras are great for monitoring parking lots, gas stations, loading docks, and the entrance/exit to any building. The outdoor security camera range offers a variety of features. Depending on your business needs, you may want to consider a few questions. If you need around-the-clock surveillance, then make sure your cameras have night vision capabilities. If you plan to position your cameras far away from their focus points, ensure the resolution is high enough to provide a clear picture. A security camera with 1080p should be the minimum you’re looking for. If you have the budget, aiming for a 4k camera will give a much clearer image. It’s important to remember that because the 4k files are larger, they will use up your local storage or bandwidth much faster.

If your cameras are going to be covering a large area, consider features like pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras to help facilitate this.

PTZ or Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

You can control PTZ cameras remotely to move around to focus and zoom in on individuals or specific areas. The “pan” means they can move from side to side, “tilt” means they can move up and down, and the “zoom” means you can get a more detailed image of whatever you want to focus on. Make sure to get cameras that allow for a wide field of view. Between 130° and 180° offers a wide enough field of view for outdoor cameras where walls don’t obstruct vision.

This level of control makes them an excellent choice for large areas such as warehouses, parking lots, or construction sites. They are also great for situations with a large number of people, like a busy retail store or sports event. Custom software gives you the freedom to move the focus of the camera in real time, allowing for tracking potential incidents.

More advanced PTZ cameras can also auto-track, meaning the units stay stationary until they detect movement, at which point they autonomously track it. This feature especially enhances monitoring the perimeter of a building or tracking an intruder.

You can also program preset movement patterns into the cameras, allowing you to cover a larger area with fewer cameras. However, if you are looking for a more comprehensive setup, a multi-camera system can provide it.

Multi-Camera Surveillance System

As a business owner, you will find that there are several advantages to having a multi-camera system setup installed. The most obvious advantage is your ability to cover more areas within your business. This can lead both customers and staff members to feel safer, knowing the building they are in has strong security coverage. Multiple cameras also allow for the opportunity to record multiple angles if a crime does take place. This added detail in documentation could equip police with valuable evidence. 

Additionally, the presence of more cameras may deter potential vandals and thieves, who know that more cameras increase their chances of appearing on the footage.

Multi-camera surveillance systems often come with custom software so you can decide how best to monitor the footage. A central control unit or Digital Video Recorder (DVR)/Network Video Recorder (NVR) records footage. This allows for more advanced features like remote live feeds, motion detection, camera adjustments, and analytics, depending on your package.

Because these systems are highly scalable, you can expand them as your business grows. They can often integrate with other security software, such as motion sensors, security lights, and alarms, to offer a comprehensive security package.

How to Get Started

Having read this business security camera guide, we’re sure that you have a much better idea of what is needed for your company. If you’re ready to talk to an expert about exactly what you need to take control of your business’s security, get in contact with us today. 

At Alarm Detection Systems, we give you the peace of mind that your business is secured to the highest possible standard by industry-leading experts. We use top-of-the-line security camera systems, tailored to your business’s needs, protecting what matters most.

What sets us apart?

Industry Experience: We have decades of experience in the security sector and have cultivated a reputation for delivering the highest-quality product and services to our customers. That’s why we have 35,000 accounts across three states. 

Cutting-Edge Technology: We stay ahead of the curve in all technological developments. Accordingly, we are able to offer custom camera systems with high-definition video, night vision, smart analytics, and remote access, giving you full control and visibility over your premises.

Tailor-Made Solutions: Every business is different, and that means that every security solution needs to be different. We use our experience and knowledge of all best practices to customize the perfect solution that is just right for you and your business.

Dependable Support: We commit ourselves to deliver unrivaled customer service throughout the whole process, from choosing the right system to installation and covering any technical support that you may need down the line. You can always feel confident that we’ll be here to help you.

 If you’re ready to take the next step towards securing your property by speaking to an expert security consultant, call us today.

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