Managed Access

Managed Access

If your concern is not knowing who can walk into your facility then access control is a perfect solution to limit access to a commercial property.

In this section, you will find how access control helps manage the movement of employees and customers. Managed access control, allows only certain authorized key card holders from entering a building.

An employee is given a key card or access fob when presented to a control unit, the built-in reader will then identify the employee and allow them to enter the building. The benefits of access control include, eliminating misplaced or duplicated key. In addition, access control can reduce the chance of theft and improves employee safety. Such as, the restriction of access for a former employee.

Finally, installing a managed access control system for your business can reduce the cost the hiring security support personnel. This helps reduce the number of employees needed for front desk areas.

An access control system is a service that daycare, hospital, or