As social distancing restrictions begin to lessen in the U.S., many companies are doing their best to return to some semblance of regular operation and move to reopening. For many reasons, this process can be challenging for any size business. We hear about changing PPE and social distancing guidelines every day. Since Alarm Detection Systems is an electronic security and fire safety company, our equipment plays a vital role in protecting lives and property. Let’s take a look at how ADS solutions can assist with your reopening plan.

  • Manage visitors
  • Manage occupants access to areas inside
  • Arm/disarm security systems remotely
  • Use touch-less technology whenever possible
  • Use video surveillance for additional analytics and identification
  • Protect empty locations

Keyless Access Control

Chances are employees have spread out remotely due to the pandemic. With a keycard system, a site manager can quickly turn access on/off for employees. An added benefit is securing certain areas of your facility while allowing access to others. A single key card, fob, or proximity patch can work for readers at multiple locations. Intelligent systems like this limit employee access after-hours and can keep entry/exit history logs.

It is worth noting that we can work within all types of budgets to help manage people’s access to your facility. ADS can add keyless access control to a single door. Often, integrating with video and a security system you already have in place. We work with small and large business budgets alike. Our goal is to focus on the most critical needs first and build upon that platform to offer the highest level of protection.


Alarm App Control

Did you know you can control alarm systems across multiple locations? ADS offers several apps to arm/disarm your system, check on camera status, or review events remotely. These systems eliminate the need for anyone to touch the physical alarm equipment in the office frequently. The result from app automation is more ease of use and fewer items to sanitize as your business returns to normalcy. As an added benefit, managed apps offer a higher degree of connectivity and control to your business.


Better Information With Video

When setting a new policy, it is logical that you would want to monitor success and make changes when required. There are several ways cameras might integrate into a successful business reopening plan.

At the front door, video intercoms offer smart visitor management and integration to the keyless access systems mentioned above. Hi-Def video alerts can also work for different areas of a facility. Having the ability to see how employees and customers are acclimating to new guidelines can improve your chances of success.


Empty Space Protection

ADS understands that there will be challenges ahead. Not all sites may be able to open at once. Some buildings could remain unoccupied for some time. For this reason, ADS has developed a reliable, transitional solution. We can place a mobile unit in your space to provide notification of intrusion. These units work just like a permanent system. There are no wires to install, and we include professional monitoring via a wireless radio network. There is no phone line or costly cellular signal needed!


Plan Expertise in Challenging Times

One of the most important things our company has learned in our five decades of experience is that every business is unique. Our security consultants hold a wealth of ideas about protecting all kinds of facilities because chances are we have done it before. We want to help with your business reopening plan. Our security evaluations are always free. Expert assistance is just a phone call away at 630.844.6322 


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