School Safety

School Safety

First, school safety is challenging for operation managers. ADS installs wireless alarms to stop intruders. Staff members can access emergency panic-button stations placed throughout a facility if an active shooter enters the campus.

Second, designing a solution that does not inhibit day-to-day school functions is also a concern because of the ever-increasing budget pressure placed on the school district. Utilizing existing resources and infrastructure needs to be part of the solution whenever possible.

Lastly, protecting schools can be a complex project. ADS has years of experience installing school alarms. Part of any district safety program is taking advantage of new security devices. At many of the school buildings we protect, multiple layers of alarms exist.

Teachers have pendants discretely worn around their necks. Admins have access to panic buttons under their desks. Also, any one of these devices will trigger a school-wide alert, causing fire doors to close and limiting an intruder’s access.

When addressing an issue of this importance, having a Chicago alarm vendor who can provide a complete approach to school security is needed. Illinois school safety is not an issue that can be addressed by equipment installation alone. It takes dialogue and analysis from multiple perspectives. Working with local cities and first responders is something that ADS has been doing since 1968.

Drawing from the vast alarm experience of over 600 school facilities, we have put forward a cost-effective means of increasing campus security.