Modern security technology means that it’s easier for seniors to enjoy safety and independence in their homes.

Alarm technology can help seniors maintain their safety and independence. Firstly, Alarm Detection Systems, Inc. (ADS) offers 24/7 professional security monitoring using a Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) device. According to the National Council on Aging (NCOA), every 11 seconds, a senior suffers a fall serious enough to send them to the emergency room. They may not have the ability to get up and call for assistance. A PERS device can help. They are easy to use and allow an individual to signal for help from a wireless alarm pendant or wristband.
Secondly, a great protective measure is monitoring of fire and burglar alarms in the house. According to the Bureau of Justice, 59 percent of violent crimes against seniors happen at, or near their homes. Seniors between the ages of 75-84 are more likely to suffer from fires. ADS offers seniors protection in the event of a burglary or fire.
Next, our environmental safety monitors may be installed as a compliment to a home security system. These sensors detect dangerous incidents early. Such as burst pipes or water heater leaks, causing flooding for hours otherwise undetected. ADS environmental safety monitors alert seniors of the problem immediately avoiding expensive and inconvenient repairs.
Lastly, ADS offers energy management tools through the same security system. A senior’s financial security is as important as their physical safety. Energy management tools significantly cut the cost of utilities. Heating and cooling can be turned on remotely for comfort, without the expense of running systems all day.
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