Many property owners associate alarms with intruders. Water leak detection also plays a vital role in a complete security solution.
Water damage occurs as a result of a variety of events including a washing machine hose that splits, pipes that freeze and burst, an overflowing toilet, or a water heater that fails.
The purpose of a water leak detector is to provide an early warning of a leak, which enables you to stop the water at the source or call for professional help. Water leak detectors are inexpensive additions to an existing security system. However, they can save a property owner from a host of expensive issues.
These detectors are extremely useful for areas that are not in the line of site or frequently visited. For example, a burst pipe in a vacation home could leak for days before the owner is made aware.
In commercial applications, the damage could be much more significant. In multi-tenant locations, a cascading effect might occur when an overflowing sink ends up causing damage to several floors.
Waterbug water and flood detection systme
Water damage may occur from several different issues:
• Seasonal flooding
• Faulty sump pumps
• Faulty machinery or appliance leaks
• Cracked building foundations
• Power outages
• Sewer back-up and overflow
• A frozen water pipe that has burst
• A full window well
Key locations of leak detectors 
ADS Water Leak Detection system for home or business
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