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Security Tips: New Movers

Your New House and Home Security

At Alarm Detection Systems, we understand moving is a stressful time, and your to-do list is full. So, settle in, get comfortable and when you are ready, we are here to discuss security.
Before that conversation here are a few easy safety checks to perform.
Take some time to inspect your home inside and out. To begin, make a count of all the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors inside the home. Ensure they are functioning correctly. Most of them will have a test button on the unit.
Moving to the backyard, check the fence line for gaps, loose boards, protruding nails or poisonous plants that may harm your pets.
Your new home may already have a security system in place. If this is the case, confirm it is active and operational and that yard signs and window stickers are present to act as a deterrent showing you have a system.
If your home alarm is not active, ADS can typically reactivate the system for no charge and provide monthly monitoring.
We may also be able to add capabilities to your existing alarm, such as smartphone and tablet controls.
We also have a professional team of locksmiths available to change your exterior door locks- which is always a good idea when moving into a new home. Our goal is to make sure your family and home are as safe as possible. We will come out to provide a free security evaluation of your home. Call us today at 630.844.6322

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Protecting your home and the things that are precious to you is what we do.
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Protecting your home and the things that are precious to you is what we do.
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