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Alarm Monitoring Options Beyond Copper Landlines

Fire alarm monitoring and other security systems require dependable communication so the proper stations can supervise your property and quickly respond to emergencies. However, with so many communication methods available, such as copper landlines and Wi-Fi, it’s crucial to understand all of your options. Including their capabilities, limitations, and industry changes. Continue reading to learn more about the differences for alarm monitoring options without using copper landlines.

Common Communication Services for Businesses

While twisted-pair copper-wire phone lines were once the primary communication services in the U.S., they are gradually being replaced by broadband and cellular services. However, despite their high data speeds, these new services pose their own potential risks, including connectivity issues, power outages, and obsolete equipment.

Copper Landlines and Other POTS

Most Plain Old Telephone Services (POTS) are haphazardly increasing their prices, despite becoming less relevant every year. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) ordered that copper landlines are no longer required for U.S. telecom companies as of 2022 with the goal of eventually retiring them. While copper landlines are still frequently used across the United States, their importance quickly diminishes as technology and the federal government look onward — and phone companies know this.

To stay profitable amid these shifts, many copper landline service providers now charge extraordinarily high prices, making them unaffordable for tight budgets. These rising costs and the switch to fiber wires significantly impact how many intrusion alarm monitoring systems work nationwide. For the sake of money and longevity, many organizations will have to switch to digital forms of communication.

Broadband and Wi-Fi

Many modern security systems use Wi-Fi monitoring that transmits signals between your internet sources, such as your router, and their central monitoring stations or response teams. While these broadband setups work faster and have more capabilities than landline-operated systems, they aren’t the most reliable  — especially in emergencies. 

A power outage, internet disruption, or other network connectivity problems can leave your property unprotected, often without any notification. Many homeowners now use cellular monitoring as a backup to prepare for these unavoidable dilemmas. By doing this, they maintain the fastest possible services using Wi-Fi monitoring without the risks of outages. 

Cellular Devices

Despite Wi-Fi’s fast speeds, cellular radio can carry larger amounts of data faster than any other phone service currently available. Additionally, as cellular connections are wireless, they are significantly more tamper-proof and experience fewer connectivity issues. Like Wi-Fi, cellular devices connect to the property’s power to operate but usually aren’t impacted by power outages thanks to their backup batteries. Standard backup batteries keep your cellular device running and connected for up to four hours. 

The most significant concern for using cellular devices is how quickly equipment is becoming obsolete. For example, 2G and 3G networks have been almost completely phased out in the United States in favor of 5G, and cellular services hope to eliminate LTE networks by 2027. Because of this, many homeowners see investing solely in cellular devices for their property as a risk and instead use both cellular and Wi-Fi radio alarm monitoring. 

ADS Monitoring vs. Cellular Communications

Alarm Detection Systems (ADS) provides electronic security and fire alarm systems to businesses and homes by connecting your security devices to our award-winning central monitoring station. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of your hands, with experts ready to monitor for trouble the moment it possibly arises. Because of the importance of fast response times, it’s crucial to use the most reliable communication services possible for your property.

Avoid Cellular Sunsets

“Sunsetting” describes the phasing out of technology and equipment, such as flip phones, 3G networks, and many other aspects of the cellular industry. As newer and faster technology develops, the technology that’s seen the “sunset” tends to be pricier and more difficult to find.

Exclusively using cellular radio for alarm monitoring could put you in a tight spot when the technology advances again. If your equipment stops working, you’ll either have to pay to upgrade your services or spend significantly more than before to keep your current system as-is. Neither option is ideal for your budget. Therefore, using services such as Wi-Fi, landline, and radio alarm monitoring in addition to cellular networks can keep your property dependably secure, no matter where technology turns next.

Multi-Path Validation and Protection

At ADS, we keep your networks secure by linking two or more communication paths between your property and our central monitoring station. Because of this multi-path validation, the ADS monitoring system is the only way to access your network’s communication and data. This saves you money by ensuring you don’t have to pay for additional landlines or monitoring services. Furthermore, combined with our data-encrypted technology, this multi-path validation ensures no one can access your security system except for you and authorized ADS experts. 

Dynamic and Dependable Technology

Technology is advancing fast, but this is nothing new. At ADS, we attentively watch all changes within the technology, communication, and security markets. From the retirement of copper lines to the most efficient home security systems. Additionally, the experts at our central monitoring stations are highly tech-savvy and know how to handle almost all connectivity issues the moment they appear for the most dependable security.

Local, Professional Alarm Radio Monitoring from ADS

Considering all these factors, you should choose a trusted security leader. For a significant discount over what you’re paying now, Alarm Detection Systems can commandeer your current monitoring system or help you set up a new one. We carry many advanced radio systems to fit your business and property needs.

ADS proudly owns and operates a proprietary wireless network that provides multiple communication paths to our award-winning, Five-Diamond certified monitoring station. Our reliable radio network is perfect for communicating data over a large geographic area and many other applications at a modest monthly cost. Plus, our central monitoring station’s trained and experienced experts will observe your property as needed, no matter the day or time.

At your request, our expert team can evaluate your alarm system and provide a free quote. Call or chat with us on our website today. 

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