Community Pool Safety Security System

Community Pool Safety Using Electronic Security Systems

You’ve probably heard of a tragic pool accident or drowning death. We have, too, and it makes us passionate about providing the best pool security system for community pools to prevent these accidents. 

According to the CDC, children ages 1-4 have the highest rates of drowning and make up the most pool drownings. Drowning is also the leading cause of death for children in this age range. Many of these drownings occur when the child has entered accidentally and unsupervised, a situation more easily avoided with the proper security measures.

Advancements in electronic security for community pools aim to prevent these types of incidents. See what kinds of tools are available and how Alarm Detection Systems can help make your community pool that much safer.

Safety at Your Community Pool

How communities regulate pool use has evolved over time. Today, building codes and insurance requirements have changed in many localities to enforce stricter safety compliance when it comes to pool installation and operation. 

However, even when meeting code requirements, accidents can still happen. That’s why it’s recommended to use multiple overlapping safety features to help prevent accidents and spot trouble.

If you are involved with planning or operating a community pool, consider some of the following safety features.

Pool Gates

Pool gates are required by building codes and/or insurers in many areas and effectively help prevent accidents. In fact, fences and gates that completely surround a pool itself reduce a child’s risk of drowning by 83% compared to fences that only surround the property. They not only help to designate the boundaries of a pool area visually, but they provide a physical barrier against pets, wild animals, children, and anyone incapable of navigating the pool deck safely without falling in.

Because traditional pool gates tend to be low-tech, they rely on human responsibility to work properly. We offer a variety of features, such as automatic locking, gate alarms, and audio reminders. Such as beeps, and more to make these physical barriers even more effective.

Electronic Pool Security Access

Utilizing electronic pool security access tools can help cut down on unauthorized access and the accidents that may stem from it. Member-based community pools may look to install access locks that require key cards or fobs to swipe in. Similarly, code-based access locks can help admit only those who should be at the pool. 

Community Pool Alarms

To monitor unauthorized access in the pool at times when it should be empty, your community pool may also consider pool alarms. There are a variety of alarms to consider, such as infrared alarms that detect motion around the pool with varying levels of sensitivity. Others include mounted or floating pool alarms that detect motion in the water.

We provide alarms that are set to sound both at the pool and at a remote location. This is a great way to detect any entry or accidental falls when the pool is closed. 

Security and Motion-activated Cameras

Security and motion-activated cameras can help keep pools safer by recording unauthorized access and alerting operators. Occasionally, motion-activated cameras help prevent an accident if they catch the motion of someone falling into the pool alone.

But installing security and motion-activated cameras may come with some complications, such as privacy concerns and liability issues.

Is It Legal for Community Pools to Have Cameras?

Community pools do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy. A reasonable expectation of privacy typically applies to areas where people do not expect to be surveilled or have not given permission to be recorded. Bathrooms are a common examples of a location where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. 

However, a community pool in a location accessible to the public or specific members does not constitute one such area, and it is legal to install cameras. Pool operators should be sure to post that the area has the cameras and that recording is taking place.

What Liability Issues May Security Cameras Present?

Some community pools may be wary of installing security cameras in case they provide the incorrect impression that they are manned live. Some swimmers may mistake the presence of cameras for supervision, similar to a lifeguard, but cameras do not provide the same life-saving protection. 

Community pools that install security cameras must take legal measures to protect themselves from accusations of substandard monitoring should an accident occur. Pool operators who are concerned about liability may wish to post that cameras are neither live-monitored nor a substitute for supervision.

Community pools may also be concerned about the possibility of recording swimmers in states of undress. We’ve already established that there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in a public area such as a community pool, but “wardrobe malfunctions” with swimsuits do occur. 

If recordings of swimmers in a state of undress exist — particularly underage swimmers — operators of community pools must have a procedure to dispose of these immediately to avoid uncomfortable legal situations. 

Consulting with a professional security company about how to use security cameras and manage liability is recommended for community pool operators.

Keep Swimmers Safer with Alarm Detection Systems

Let us help you keep swimmers safer with tools that restrict access to pools and alert you to unauthorized access. We are proud to serve both businesses and residential customers in need of a pool security system. We’ll help you strategize the right combinations of electronic access locks and pool alarms to keep your community pool safe.

Make the move to deter, detect, and document safety issues. When you partner with Alarm Detection Systems to install electronic security for community pools in your location. 

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