Construction Site Security: Everything You Need To Know

Vandalism, theft, lost inventory, unauthorized access, and safety are among the top concerns facing construction crews. However, most development sites have different risks and vulnerabilities based on their location and what’s being built. 

Fortunately, establishing a universal construction site security plan is easy if you have the right resources. Start by assessing your perimeter, security risks, and inventory to determine what your site needs. 

Secured and Monitored Perimeter

Your site’s perimeter is its primary defense against intruders, vandalism, and other security risks. It’s also crucial for safety, ensuring pedestrians don’t walk into dangerous construction. Here’s how to get started:

  • Install a tall, sturdy fence around the entire site, leaving no spots for unauthorized entry. Limit the number of access points across the perimeter, but keep them convenient for your crew and large enough to fit vehicles and equipment. 
  • Add reliable locks or access control systems at each entry point and establish a process for locking them each night. 
  • Hang visible signs around the construction site to communicate that the area is monitored and that trespassers will be prosecuted. This should limit your security incidents and keep most intruders away. 

Surveillance Camera System

Comprehensive video surveillance should cover all corners of your perimeter using high resolution, motion detection, and 24/7 monitoring. This advanced setup alerts you to suspicious activity so you can respond immediately. Additionally, a round-the-clock monitoring team can respond to activity and contact the authorities when you can’t.

As you set up your security cameras, ensure they provide clear, high-quality visuals of your entire site. Consider monitoring the following:

  • Entry and exit points
  • Storage locations
  • Vehicle parking
  • Construction blueprints
  • Vulnerabilities from neighboring properties
  • Trees, building shadows, and other blind spots

Sufficient Lighting

Dependable lights give your development site security better visibility and safety. During early and late work hours, lights ensure your crew can easily spot obstacles, reducing accidents and broken equipment. Overnight, they deter trespassers by giving them limited shadows to hide in. Construction lights also help your surveillance cameras capture all activity, which is important for liability and catching suspicious behavior.

When investing in lights, search for powerful, diffused flood lights to cover as much ground as possible. Install them across your entire perimeter, focusing on unlit corners, blind spots, shadows, and high-traffic areas. 

Controlled Access

Many locks and security systems include access control features that give you more power over your entry points. Depending on the system’s features, you can limit access to specific employees or track everyone who goes in and out. You can also restrict access to former employees without replacing every lock. 

These systems are especially useful if you need to give your crew different clearance levels. For example, everyone can enter the development site using their key card, but only certain people can access equipment and vehicles. 

Consider the following access control options:

  • Key cards: These simple options let you give every employee unique levels of clearance. Their settings are easy to change, though the cards can be a pain to replace.
  • Digital codes: Depending on your preference, you can use a single digital code across your entire team or give each employee a unique PIN. This option is great for versatility but relies significantly on people’s memorization skills. 
  • Biometric readers: Fingerprints are among the most popular biometric options for security, letting you give everyone unique clearance. However, some biometric systems may not recognize your fingerprints on cold or hot days.
  • Intercom systems: These systems let you provide access to people as they arrive through a standard “buzz-in” process. While not ideal for most construction jobs, intercoms are beneficial if you have regular vendors or contractors on your site. 
  • App-based entry: Many electric locks pair with security apps that let you and your employees enter the site using only your phone. However, you should only use apps with dependable cybersecurity to ensure hackers cannot obtain access. 

Secure Storage

Construction crews often work with highly valuable assets, including equipment and materials, which can be costly if lost. So, your construction site security plan should also include a reliable storage and inventory system. 

Keep your site’s storage areas locked and monitored, and restrict employee access where possible. Invest in lockable storage cages and containers that you can use on multiple sites, and establish a system for checking keys in and out. 

Conduct frequent inventory checks to ensure no equipment is lost or stolen, and consider GPS tracking systems for your most valuable equipment to catch unauthorized usage and track stolen gear. 

Security Personnel

Trained, on-site security personnel add a human element to your safety plan. While not always necessary, security teams are beneficial for construction zones in high-traffic areas and with valuable gear. You may also need them for specific construction days, such as when using a crane or moving construction past the curb. Security personnel can also monitor safety by watching operations and keeping pedestrians away.

Many construction teams train their own security personnel, focusing on safety practices and spotting suspicious behavior. This is ideal when working with dangerous machinery that requires specific training. However, higher-level security needs may require hiring one or multiple security guards from a third-party security provider. In other cases, you may only need someone on the other side of your cameras.

24/7 Monitoring

Professional alarm monitoring ensures your construction site and storage are always safe, even overnight. When you partner with a 24/7 security team, you guarantee someone is always available to respond to trouble. They also limit false alarms so you can keep your focus on the job. Most importantly, they will contact the authorities and appropriate parties during emergencies as you respond to the incident. 

Establish Reliable Construction Site Security

There’s a lot going on in construction, which means your focus isn’t always on security. By partnering with Alarm Detection Systems, you ensure your perimeter, inventory, and team’s safety are always covered. Plus, we can help you specialize your security setup around your site’s needs. Get a quote today to learn more. 

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