For homeowners or businesses in need of electronic security, there are new options in the market today. It is easier than ever to design a security system for your specific needs. However, there are differences and benefits between hardwired and wireless alarm systems which can affect your choice of alarm equipment.

Wireless alarm systems

To begin, wireless security uses Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Radio, Cellular, or other kinds of wireless communication instead of physical wiring. They are battery-powered, which means that the batteries will need to be changed. They also may have trouble over great distances and need a repeater.

Hardwired alarm systems

On the other hand, a hard-wired security system is where the alarm keypad, sensors, smoke detectors, or other devices connect to the control panel by wires. The wiring for alarms and sensors usually run behind walls, crawl spaces, ceilings, floors, and other parts of a home or business.

Differences between wireless and hardwired alarm systems:

The difference between these security systems comes down to how the sensors connect with the control panel, through wires or radio signals. It creates some pros and cons for the different systems.

Wireless security systems can be more simple to install because they do not need a wire to run throughout a building. For hardwired systems, they have the advantage that signals running through wires will not be affected by other devices.

Both hardwired and wireless systems have compatible parts for easy upgrade. Wireless systems technology keeps growing, and some devices are mobile. This makes it easy for renters.

What is better for you, wireless or hardwired?

Overall, picking the best security systems for your needs depends on the area you will be protecting. Alarm Detection Systems always makes customized security systems for every customer. You can speak with an ADS security expert to help you choose the best system for your needs.

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