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Introduction to Home Automatic Door Locks

Automatic door locks offer many advantages over standard locks that can only be opened with a physical key, from improving security to simply being more convenient. Depending on the lock you choose, you can even receive notifications on your phone, create unique entry codes for guests, and connect to other security devices. Continue reading to learn the different types of automatic door locks and their benefits. 

Types of Home Automatic Door Locks

Automatic locks vary in style, level of security, and the mechanisms they utilize. Below are the most common types of automatic door locks and how they work.

Electric Door Locks

Electronic door locks describe any type of lock that uses electrically powered mechanisms to secure or unlock a door. When activated by a user, such as through a remote, keypad, or app, the lock receives an electric signal to engage or disengage the rest of the mechanism. Most electric locks are equipped with backup batteries to continue operation during power outages. Most also feature physical keyholes in case you cannot use the electronic features.

Solenoid Door Locks

Solenoid locks are electronic door locks that use a magnetic system to interact with a locking mechanism. These locks feature solenoid wire coils that, upon being activated, generate a magnetic field. This magnetism pushes or pulls the lock’s metal bolt or latch to switch it between locked and unlocked. Solenoid door locks are commonly used in cars and are ideal for emergency exit doors as they can still be used after wire disconnection. 

Motorized Door Locks

A motorized door lock is another style of electronic lock that uses a small, electric motor to control the locking mechanism, usually a deadbolt or latch. Upon receiving an electric signal, motorized locks rotate and interact with the rest of the lock, such as by turning the deadbolt out of the strike plate. Motorized locks tend to be more heavy-duty and provide better security than most other electric locks. 

Electromagnetic Door Locks / Maglocks

Electromagnetic locks, or maglocks, are a unique lock style because they generally don’t connect to any other locking mechanisms. Instead, they contain an electromagnet attached to the door frame that interacts with a metal armature plate connected to the door. When locked, the electromagnet creates a magnetic force with the armature plate to keep the two sturdily connected. The door can then be unlocked by cutting power.

Biometric Locks

Biometric locks are among the most advanced type of electronic locks. They can only be activated after users identify themselves via their fingerprints, faces, eye patterns, or other biological traits. These systems use sensors to scan, process, and store users’ biometric data to recognize them later. The lock mechanism is only activated once a biometric match has been identified or if the lock is otherwise overridden. 

Benefits of Automatic Door Locks

Automatic and electronic door locks offer many advantages over standard locks. When paired with other devices, such as security cameras, alarm systems, and smart home appliances. Below are six benefits of automatic door locks. 

Easy Access

The most base-level benefit of automatic door locks is they’re simply more convenient and accessible. They’re especially ideal for people who have difficulty finding or remembering their keys — or people who just don’t like fumbling with them. Instead, opening a lock can be as easy as scanning a fingerprint or opening an app on your phone. This easy accessibility also makes automatic door locks ideal for individuals with mobility issues, such as Parkinson’s, arthritis, and carpal tunnel. 

Activity Notifications

Most smart electronic locks keep a log of activity that can be used to notify you from your phone anytime your door is opened. These notifications allow you to keep track of all activity on your property. Plus, they can be paired with security cameras or uniquely assigned entry codes so you always know who’s coming and going. Door notifications can also be great for peace of mind, helping you relax when the property is locked and secure. 

Improved Home Security

Many government buildings, from public restrooms to high-security facilities, are adopting automatic door lock technology due to their convenience and dependability. Most electronic locks are significantly more difficult to pick or break. They can also keep track of all activity, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed. In theory, the presence of an electronic security lock may be enough to deter break-ins, especially if a camera is attached. 

Less Duplicate Keys

Hiding a spare key underneath a doormat or rock has never been a safe strategy. Yet many homeowners see it as a better option than hiring a locksmith every time they forget their keys. A more convenient and significantly safer choice is having electronic locks that don’t require physical keys but instead use e-keys, pin codes, biometrics, and apps. Plus, you can share e-keys or create unique passcodes for guests. 

Remote Access

Many electronic locks allow you to unlock or lock your door anytime using an app, website, or other feature. If you forget to lock the door on your way out or you know someone is dropping by who doesn’t have a key, you can lock or unlock your door in real time from almost anywhere. This feature lets you monitor your property while you’re away, ensuring that only people you approve enter.

Home Automation

Smart locks can be paired with other smart devices in your home, such as lights, security devices, and entertainment. Activity on your electronic lock can activate other smart features, such as turning on the AC when you get home or activating security alarms when you lock it. 

Keeping Your Home Locked, Secure, and Accessible

Automatic door locks improve the security and accessibility of your property, especially when used with other security devices. At Alarm Detection Systems, we can help you identify all areas of your home or business that could use extra security, from unmonitored doors to faulty locks. Contact us today.

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