The Problem

Property managers, rehabbers and building owners face many threats to their investments. Issues like vandalism, job-site theft, and even squatters top the list of troubles for vacant investment properties. However, what happens when you can’t commit to a multi-year agreement for security equipment and monitoring at a temporary vacancy or rehab?

The Cost

Unfortunately, the financial loss from property crimes to investors is increasing. According to the FBI, in 2018, there were 7,694,066 property crimes in the United States. Such threats reduce your profit.  Including, driving up the cost of the job and maintenance.  The moment you leave your building you know the risks.

Installing permanent wired security is not practical in these instances.  You still need real security.  Alarm Detection Systems, Inc. (ADS) has the answer. We have been protecting lives and property since 1968. Protecting valuable vacant structures is a constant concern.

The Solution

ADS has developed a reliable, transitional solution. We can place a mobile unit in your space to provide notification of intrusion. These units work just like a permanent system. There are no wires to install, and we include professional monitoring via a wireless radio network. There is no phone line or costly cellular signal needed!

We call the solution ADS REO Security. The leased security system is the size of a tackle box.  When active, the central unit communicates with strategically located advanced alarm sensors.

REO has Several Attractive Features:

  • Flexible contract terms
  • No phone lines needed
  • Professional, live monitoring 24/7/365
  • Satisfies many insurer requirements
  • Sump pump/flood, temperature detection available
  • Easily upgrade to a permanent system

REO is a short-term security alarm solution. This solution offers property managers/owners similar interior protection to a hard-wired system. ADS monitors your building 24/7/365 from our company-owned UL listed central station.  You are protected at multiple points by covering doors, windows, and other vital areas that could offer access. ADS REO Security is a flexible answer to protecting vacant properties. Call us for a free evaluation.

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