Loss Prevention Security System

At Alarm Detection Systems Inc. (ADS), we understand the importance of having the proper security equipment to protect your business. ADS provides security services that help protect inventory, employees, and customers. Integrating the OpenEye Lost Prevention Solution, businesses can connect their security cameras with their Point of Sale (POS) systems. With SaleGuard businesses can improve awareness, increase profitability, and operate efficiently.

What is it:

The OpenEye Loss Prevention Software links security cameras and businesses POS systems. Simultaneously, the software brings all data together, which makes searching for evidence easy. Businesses can use this across multiple terminals, cameras, and store locations. SaleGuard is a software that gives you the ability to search for events by date, terminal number, or UPC codes. The ability to keep track of sales using this software can offer insight into products and inventory. The system holds high capacity in footage using high-performance cameras.

How it works:

The Loss Prevention Software connects with a business’s terminals, security cameras, and the main server. For this reason, we install security cameras above or near terminals. During a transaction, security cameras record footage, data is recorded from items scanned at the register. The authorized user can monitor footage from a particular date, employee number, or item. By using SaleGuard, the user can type in a specific UPC and select a date to view all transactions that connect to the selected filters. This feature helps reduce the time spent, sorting through footage. Videos can be exported to the cloud and make it easy to share footage via email. SaleGuard uses advance search functions to break down transactions into data, which helps reduce time spent sorting through footage.


The loss prevention software does not only cut down the time it takes to review and find footage. It also makes it easy to export footage and share it, if needed. Therefore, downloading and sharing footage is one of the benefits this software provides. As well as the ability to enter notes and control if recipients can download events.

In addition, another benefit is finding information from fraudulent events. For instance, tracking transactions made on a specific register. Giving the user the ability to gather transaction information on a customer, employee, or product. For example, with SaleGuard managers can monitor employee performance and customer activity. This is one one way businesses can prevent employee and customer theft.

Lastly, SaleGuard helps improve awareness of customers and employees. SaleGuard can help monitor inappropriate employee conducts and provide evidence of criminal activity. For example, a manager noticing an item on the rack is constantly empty. The manager might want to know if this product is selling as frequently as is seems. So then, managers can track how many and on what days that particular item was sold on.

At Alarm Detection Systems a team of security camera experts is ready to answer your questions and provide you with a customized system. If you are looking for security cameras around Chicago or the Fox Valley area give us a call 630.844.6322 for more information. 

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