An In-depth Look at DIY Home Security

Do-it-yourself (DIY) Home Security has home noticeable advantages to the consumer. However, the setup and operation are not the same as a professionally installed system.

Security is synonymous with life safety — if a product does not perform correctly in the time needed, any perceived savings go out the window.

Alarm Detection System (ADS) applies its time and knowledge toward the best fit for the customer. We design and install a home or business security system based on product expertise and an understanding of the customer’s needs. That is our business model. The result is our security systems will perform up to standards in an emergency. We sell as much human intelligence as equipment. ADS also takes the guesswork of choosing an alarm system. We offer answers from a live phone operator, 24/7.

In contrast, entry-level DIY home security systems are an adequate, less expensive option for a small home. Placing in three doors sensors and a motion detector is not a problem. However, the savings a customer might experience begins to erode with DIY as they start to add more capability and additional devices. The majority of modern alarm devices are wireless these days, and they report back to a keypad, which is essentially the nerve center of a security solution. The number of devices a keyboard communicates with varies by manufacturer. For instance, if you wanted to add a sump pump monitor and camera pointing at the back porch to your DIY system, the basic system cannot support these additions. ADS is an authorized Honeywell equipment dealer who carries state-of-the-art security and automation products. Our professional alarm systems expand as your needs might change.

Contract or No Contract

Another notable difference in addition to cost is the presence of a security subscriber agreement (contract). ADS contracts do utilize multi-year terms to offset the cost of premium equipment to the customer. When you are selling a 4.5- inch graphic touchscreen with the ability to connect from any mobile device, a significant part of the expenditure forms the base of a monthly agreement. A similar example would be walking into a cell phone store and either buying low-end technology outright for a discount or making payments on a new iPhone in small increments.

Lastly, there is our customer experience. For this reason, An award-winning central monitoring station in Aurora monitors all of our accounts. We train our operators to deal with security events and connect to first responders if necessary. Have a pro watch over your systems is a big contrast to self-monitoring systems. Alarm Detection Systems has a comprehensive service and repair program. We offer same-day service and can replace parts with little or no service interruption. Alarm Detection Systems is a local, friendly service organization that built its solutions around great employees. We understand the appeal and value of DIY solutions. For some consumers, these are a good fit. We believe that more complex security situations require the expertise of technicians.

Over 50 Years of Alarm Experience

“Alarm Detection Systems is a local, family-owned business. Our phone number begins with the number 630, and one of our friendly operators will be there to answer your questions. Your alarm account will be monitored right here in Illinois, not five states away,” said Bob Lubic, Executive Vice President.

We certainly have learned valuable insight by working with roughly 30,000 customers in Illinois. Security systems have undergone a considerable transformation in recent years. Home comfort control of light and temperature, video and text alerts, and pet monitoring are all recent additions to the security space. The dedicated sales team at ADS is available to review all the options for your home or business. Give us a call at

(630) 844-6300 or click here for a free, no-obligation home security review.

About Alarm Detection Systems, Inc.

ADS is one of the largest alarm firms in Illinois. It has been family-owned since 1968. ADS provides business alarmsfire alarms, card accesssecurity cameras, and home security systems. Our main office is in the Fox Valley. We service all of Chicago, suburbs, and southern Wisconsin.