Recently, Mrs. Fletcher was home alone during the day and she had set her alarm.  She does this as a habit just to be on the safe side.  Many people do the same thing as this gives them a sense of feeling secure.
At 1:30 in the afternoon, her alarm suddenly went off.  The loud noise startled her but she knew what it was so she went into a bedroom and closed the door.  The ADS monitoring station immediately called Mrs. Fletcher on her mobile phone.
Mrs. Fletcher stated her husband was at work and the kids were in school.  She requested that we dispatch the police.  Because Mrs. Fletcher was in the house when the kitchen window activated the alarm, the police arrived quickly, hoping that the intruder did not gain entry.
The police officer found that the kitchen screen had been forced out and that the window was pried open, however there was no sign of the intruder.  Apparently, the alarm siren scared them away.
Mrs. Fletcher was very grateful for our fast response and that of the local police.  She was very fortunate that she thought to set her alarm while she was home that day.
If maintained and used properly, alarm systems can protect property and potentially save lives.  The Fletcher Family remains safe and sound.
If you have any questions on how to maximize the effectiveness of your alarm system, a trained ADS representative is available to speak with you. Call 630.844.6300 to learn more about your alarm system.
This fictional scenario is based on actual call to our central monitoring station.