Risks of Lightning Strikes

The odds of actually being struck by lightning during a storm are pretty slim. However, several factors can put you at higher risk. You have a much higher chance of being the victim of a lightning strike if you are working or engaging in a recreational activity outdoors. Worth saying is that the time of year also affects the likelihood of being injured by lightning.

Lightning strikes are dangerous. According to weather.gov, an average of 30 deaths occur from lightning strikes each year. Lightning is the leading cause of fatalities related to the weather.

Being well informed is critical in the occurrence of lightning strikes at an outdoor sporting event. Keep the following lightning safety tips in mind from the National Weather Service:

  • Check the weather forecast in advance to prepare for specific conditions.
  • There is no safe place outside during a lightning storm.
  • Stay away from trees, water, and metal objects including bleachers, fences, poles, and machinery.
  • Large buildings are best to take cover in rather than small outdoor shelters such as dugouts, sheds, or rain shelters.
  • Be sure to wait at least 30 minutes after lightning to return back to field for the event.

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