Taking Action

We value your business and are always looking out for our customers’ security needs. The summer season brings a lot more unwanted solicitors to your doorstep. We have three recommendations for you to help protect your family and home. First, Alarm Detection Systems offers customers no soliciting window clings to cut down on visits from solicitors.

Second, be very suspicious of individuals peddling alarm services at your door. Only Alarm Detection Systems should upgrade or test your security system. Every alarm professional must carry a “Permanent Employee Registration Card (PERC)” issued by the State of Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. Ask anyone showing up at your door to produce his or her PERC Card.

Finally, many unwanted visitors show up while you are away from your home. A great solution is to monitor your property using a smartphone or tablet remotely. Total Connect from Alarm Detection Systems is an alarm system enhancement that allows you to observe your home no matter where you go.

Rules for Solicitors

Most local laws prohibit solicitors from shouting, being noisy, or creating a nuisance. In the event that you decide to open the door, be sure to inquire where they work and request a form of a valid form of identification. In many cities around Chicago, solicitors have to fill out an application with the village. The process involves a background check and fee to get a “Peddler’s Permit.”

Additionally, if the city clerk issues a photo ID, the solicitor must wear while going door-to-door. If they do not have one, you have the right to notify the police. Never let a solicitor inside your house. If one asks to enter your home, they are likely breaking the law in your area as well. The exception to the rule is non-profits such as religious groups. These organizations are not required to apply for a permit or ID in most cities. In any case, they abide by the local law.

Did you know that a professional home security system acts as a deterrent for would-be- criminals? Alarm Detection Systems offer free security evaluations for home and business alarms. For one thing, If you are thinking about investing in home security cameras or a wireless doorbell, we have experts that can help. Give us a call at 630.844.6322. Discover why we are the best local security company in Illinois.

About Alarm Detection Systems, Inc.

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