In this post, we discuss home security tips you can use to help protect you, your family and property from becoming victims to holiday season crime.

The holiday season is a joyous time of the year. There will be celebrations, gift giving, friends and family to help make this time of year special.

Unfortunately, there are also some less-than-joyous activities during the holiday season. Statistically, there is also a jump in crimes such as theft, fraud, and burglary.

Everyone needs to be aware that criminals are looking for opportunities to steal and commit crimes during this time of year.

Once this sad fact is acknowledged, you can take steps to make sure you’re not an easy target so that your holiday joy is ruined by being the victim of a crime.

Below are some holiday safety tips we recommend.


Home Security Tips for the Holidays

  • Make sure packages are delivered safely
  • Consider motion detector lights
  • Don’t share holiday vacation plans on social media
  • Be careful about leaving gifts out in the open
  • Make sure your tree and lights aren’t a fire hazard
  • Be careful about throwing away packaging
  • Double check your locks
  • Use a home security system
  • Team up with your neighbors
  • Leave your lights on and set timers
  • Hire someone to shovel while you’re gone
  • Stop mail delivery while you are out of town


Make sure packages are delivered safely

With online shopping more popular than it has ever been, that means more packages are being delivered to people’s homes, where they can sit four hours on porches and doorsteps, acting as an invitation for theft.

Here are some things you can do to help prevent package theft:

  • Have packages sent to a delivery center for pick-up.
  • Request a specific delivery time when you know you’ll be home.
  • Have packages sent to your workplace or to a friend or a family member who will be home.
  • Give instructions to have packages left in a safe place such as a garage, back porch or other safe places.

Consider motion detector lights

Motion detector lights set up on your doorstep or on the front or back of your property will help deter break-ins and theft.

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Don’t share holiday vacation plans on social media

We all love to go on vacation but don’t make the mistake of unintentionally posting your vacation itinerary on Facebook. People have made the mistake of having their settings at “public” and sharing a status such as “Can’t wait to leave on Friday for a week on the beach”. Now a stranger can see what date you’re leaving and how long you’ll be gone.

Be careful about leaving gifts out in the open

Many of us love to make sure our Christmas tree is visible in the front window. There’s nothing wrong with that tradition, but if your curtains are always open and someone sees lots of presents or maybe what looks like a TV wrapped next to the tree, you might be drawing the attention of a criminal.

Make sure your tree and lights aren’t a fire hazard

Nothing makes a home feel festive like a Christmas tree and lights. The problem is that that these decorations can be a fire hazard in the home. There are hundreds of fires every year caused by holiday decorations. Your tree needs to be kept properly watered because it can become extremely flammable.

Follow the instructions on holiday lights and only use them for their intended purpose, whether indoor or out and dispose of lights with frayed cords or broken bulbs.

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Be careful about throwing away packaging

You are understandably thrilled about your new television or video game system. Unfortunately, criminals might feel the same way. Don’t set your box next to the garbage outside or make it otherwise obvious that you have brand new valuable items in your home. You don’t need criminals knowing about these new gifts in your home.

Double check your locks

The locks on your doors and window locks are the first line of defense against a home break-in. Make sure they are all in good working order. If you have a wood doorjamb, the lock strike plate is the weakest point in your door. Upgrade to a heavy-duty strike plate, and use four 3-inch screws to secure it to the door frame.

On your windows, insert sash pins to secure double-hung style windows. Don’t keep a door or window that is easy to get into “in case we lock ourselves out”. (This really happens) Instead, hide an extra key that only your family knows about somewhere on your property.

Use a home security system

We are certainly biased on this one, but a home security system acts as a huge deterrent to keeping criminals away from your home. This is perhaps the most essential home tip. They also allow for a quick response when someone does break in, and camera footage can also be used to help solve crimes and convict the guilty.

There are many home security solutions available from doorbell cameras to alarms, perimeter controls, access controls, and security cameras, all of which can be monitored by our security center and from your mobile device. Call us to learn more: (630)844-6322

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Team up with your neighbors to secure your home

A trusted neighbor can help keep an eye on your home while you are not around. If you’re out of town, they might be willing to not just watch your home but collect your mail and shovel your sidewalks to help make your home look occupied.

Leave your lights on and set timers

You can install a timer on the lights in your home so they turn on and off at different times for a “lived in” look. Make sure exterior lights turn on during the evening and that the ones on the inside turn on after dark.

Hire someone to shovel while you’re gone

A sidewalk to the home with no footprints on it, even days after a snowfall will alert burglars that your home is unoccupied. Have a friend or neighbor shovel it for you or contract a landscaper to do it.

Stop mail delivery while you are out of town

It’s easy to have the post office stop delivery on your mail while you are out of town. A full mailbox can become another item that could put a bull’s eye on your home to a criminal.


We hope these simple home tips help make your holiday safer!

If you would like to learn how a 24/7 home security system installed by a professional can keep your home safe, call us today. We can schedule a no-obligation meeting at your home to discuss the solutions that meet your needs and budget.

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