What the case for portable alarm with cameras? How about when the last person locks up the gates for the night and the lights go out, what happens next? The outdoor area of your business is vacant, and without a complete security system solution, valuable inventory remains unprotected. Obtaining a reasonable assurance that equipment and metal stock left outdoors will be exactly where you left them the night before is exactly the reason to invest in video-capable outdoor motion viewers. Imagine for a moment that an intruder enters the property uninvited.  In the event of a break-in, the sooner law enforcement arrives on the scene; the less time intruders have to cause injury, steal or damage property. Faster response times result in more arrests and lower insurance claims.
With nearly fifty years of local alarm experience, Alarm Detection Systems understands property intrusion deterrence and defense against other threats to your business. We are constantly adding new, cost-effective solutions to help improve your operations.

A portable alarm with cameras allows challenging, large outdoor areas to be protected with electronic security. In the past, areas far from an alarm panel without power, phone lines, or Internet were either too expensive or impractical to protect. Installing a video-capable motion viewer is a new answer to an old problem. When a device is activated after hours, a ten second video is sent to our central monitoring station for alarm verification. Video verification alarm signals are reviewed by our trained staff to exclude false alarms caused by severe weather or animals.

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Even when nothing is taken, the longer and an intruder lingers on site, their opportunity to damage property increases

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Vehicle parts are attractive items for thieves to take from outdoor yards and construction sites

Our video-capable outdoor motion viewers are affordable and effective at detecting intruders. The price of video security from Alarm Detection Systems is likely less than the cost of interruption to your business. Wireless sensors may be installed wherever sensors/cameras are needed. Additionally, there are no wires to cut. Reliable wireless performance means that even if the video-capable outdoor motion is removed by an intruder, it continues transmitting video for police response.
Know that your business will still be there tomorrow with its profitability intact. Talk to an Alarm Detection Systems’ representative about securing your outdoor area with a portable alarm with cameras, 630.844.6322.

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