Alarm Detection Systems is a local company. If you live in Illinois, there is a good chance you have seen one of our technicians in the neighborhood taking care of a home or business customer. Our 220 employees live and work in dozens of communities throughout the Land of Lincoln. What you may not know is that we foster strong, professional relationships with local law enforcement.
So when the opportunity arose to assist the St. Charles Police Department, seasoned ADS Installation Field Supervisor, Jeff Geihm went right to work. Their request was straight forward: create training device for the department’s K-9 unit to acclimate to loud alarm siren noise. It is commonplace for dogs in K-9 units to encounter such sirens when deployed inside buildings. An alarm siren is intended to be audibly loud and jarring by nature to scare off would be thieves.

Burglar Alarm Canine Test Unit
“A dog’s hearing is so much more sensitive than ours, so imagine what a first encounter with an alarm sound can be for them. We wanted to build a unit that would serve as a reliable training tool,” says Geihm.
The Burglar Alarm Canine Test Unit (BACTU) unit will be deployed later this month. The project was completed at no cost to the city of St. Charles. Jeff built the unit in his spare time and the parts were donated by Alarm Detection Systems.